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Augustine World is a suite of educational, research, computing and entertainment tools that allow you to study, learn, convert units, set alarm, mantain a pacients records and to play games.

Main Features:

Augustine Conversion Tool is a tool that can be used to convert simultaneously one specific unit of temperature, weight, volume, energy or speed in more units

Augustine Virtual Library provides references about computers/handsets, networking, foreign languages and other things

Augustine Periodic Table of the Elements is a interactive complete periodic table of the elements and provides details about chemical elements (atomic number, atomic mass, the origin of the name, melting point, boiling point and other details)

- Augustine Tools:

    • Augustine Aurora Browser allows you to brows Augustine Aurora Library and to surf over the internet.

    • Augustine Countdown Module allows you to schedule a event (to show a message in order to remind you something) or to schedule a system action (Log Off, Restart, Shut Down).

    • Augustine Control Panel allows you to change the settings of the program (to change the splashscreen, to change the language, to change the skin of the program, to reset score games or to change the security level of the Control Panel).

  • Augustine World Updater allows you to maintain your software up to date without manual checking on Augustine World website.

Augustine Medical Records is a powerful tool to record observation sheets abour pacients and allow you to see what is pathologic in their investigations, writing medical prescriptions and automatically calculating for you the following:

·         the age of the pacient & genetic predisposition

·         BMI (Body Mass Index) and appreciating the stage of obesity or underweight

·         TBW (total body water) and water compartments

·         MBP (Mean Blood Pressure) and HBP (High Blood Pressure) stage

·         MCHC (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration)

·         some hematologic diagnosis (type of anemia, …)

·         plasma osmolality, osmol gap, blood & urine anion gap (with K or without K)

·         urea value using the BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) value and BUN/Creatinine ratio

·         the GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) points

·         evaluated clearance of creatinine

·         the treatment in electrolytic disorders

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