A Letter Of Concern

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A Letter Of Concern
BY: Karl Griffiths

A me name papa concern, me come from Comfort Hall and also represent the communities of Oxford, Mohagony Grove, Glasco, and Mile Gully.
You ask me where I am going, I am going to the Capital Mandeville pan the hill top.
To lobby for better road, basic need, infarstructures and community development.
Weh me come from dong a Comfort Hall, me drive one a the chrises benz, but a walk me a fe walk come yah because pot hole lick out me two front ends.
Taxi man dem get stuck in a the pat hole problem, so a jack ass get pay fe carry the people dem. dong a Glasco, a the talk pan the street me come fe mek it the bite a the week.
fa me a fe mek the headline and come pan news watch, even if me a fe sleep pan fe dem pretty road till fe we road get patch, we want better farm road and them fe move the rocky dirt track,
Guess wat a no jus dat a just last week uncle Sam foot get pap becaus the donkey drop in a pot hole and because a the shock the donkey slip out him back, wah me seh people ,the donkey slip out him back, beta road beta road basic needs infrastructure and community development.
A me name papa concern , and me nah tec back my chat, fe we communities have the resources fe do dat,
Listen people, Our Communities in the Mile Gully area have a rich historical heritage and monuments to provide the cash, our vision is that they extablish the rotton guts river and our caves as a major tourist attraction, we want them fe put back dr. lecky world re known tropical beef jamaica red and jamaica black cow pan we hill side fe grase pan we pangoula grass so that the tourist them can see the gentle man handy work when the tour bus a pass.
basic needs, basic needs.guess what,
A nuh jus that , even granny dee a give up her yam ground fe a parking spot but them a fe lick dung her ole pit lattrin fus and give her ceramic toilet bowl weh she can use and flush
basic needs basic needs.
I have a dreem I can just imagine the big tour bus driving on our pretty road, wid caves and rivers tour mark pan the side,
that would be for me , money , money, money, money.
For Comfort hall, Oxford, Mohagoney grove, Glasco and Mile Gully, this is our vision a fire that shall never go dim, so falla me go to mandeville ,come mek me tun up the ting, tun up the ting. tun up tun up.

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