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In a period of economic crisis the best ways to increase income or save more money is by reducing
cost or expenses. This principle applies to individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate institutions. To
achieve this cost – saving principles, there is need for a strong collaboration between business
entities and its customers, using a generally acceptable platform that has relevant information for
sustainable knowledge.
One of the generally acceptable platforms to connect firms with their customers is the BUSINESS
DIRECTORY. A business directory (printed or online) is an information and knowledge database
that captures relevant details about various business entities within a specific territory, for the
purpose of increasing the customers and profits of such firms. Aside the cost–saving measure of
not indulging in unnecessary expenses as a result of ignorance, the directory will attract more
customers to firms or companies, which would be reflected as increase in income and
improvement in the delivery of goods and services through healthy competitions.
In line with the concept of connecting business to business and business to customers using a
directory, an avenue for genuine connecting point between businesses and customers irrespective
of their status was urgently needed in the Nigerian society (as being done in developed countries).
This gave birth to the CRESTED BUSINESS DIRECTORY.
As a business directory, it is grass‐root based; focusing on connecting companies (small, medium
and large), residents, groups and other stakeholders in the Local Government Areas together by
ensuring that all human needs are accessible from the comfort of their homes and/or offices. It is
also intended to close the gap between the SME (Small and Medium – Scale Enterprise) and the
Big Corporates, and to reduce the communication and wealth gaps between the rich and the poor.
Since the gesture of connecting business to business, business to customers and customers to
business was a private sector initiative, driven by the desire of Crested Consulting Limited and
Crested Trailblazers to make life comfortable for the citizens, especially those that are not in the
high class of the society, through knowledge management; we were able to capture over Four
Thousand (4,000) contacts of different business owners in the Local Government Areas. Though, in
the course of the information gathering it was discovered that over One Hundred and Fifty
Thousand (150,000) business owners exist in Amuwo–Odofin and Oriade Local Government Areas;
in the midst of a population of over a million people. These business owners range from kiosk
owners to large industry owners. But for the absence of public awareness and poor public
orientation, a lot of companies, entrepreneurs or business owners were unwilling to disclose their
business details for inclusion in the BUSINESS DIRECTORY.

To buttress the fact that this platform – CRESTED BUSINESS DIRECTORY is a channel of information
and knowledge, various business secrets tips for success were incorporated into the directory as a
guide to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to attain and sustain success easily.
An application of the business secrets will definitely add to every business bottom–line since the
tips are not textbooks business secrets but practical revelations by successful entrepreneurs and
wealthy personalities in the country.
Aside the business contacts and tips for success, we also listed major shopping plazas in the Local
Government Areas, Job–Search websites, various businesses you can start with as low as N20, 000
and how to register your business name or company.
At this point, we wish to appreciate the formidable team from Crested Consulting Limited and
other field officers that made this project fulfilling and successful; we cherished your inputs and
constructive criticisms.
Above all, we sincerely give all thanks to who all honour is due – the Almighty God. His words says
‘’my people perish for lack of knowledge’’; therefore we have brought information and knowledge
to the doorsteps of all stakeholders in Amuwo‐Odofin and Oriade Local Government Areas. We
humbly state that, only God can give such strength, commitment, will and wisdom that makes the
publication of this directory a success.

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