One-day Mataram?

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Vande Mataram, two words of sincere devotion, our national song composed by renowned poet Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay, a song known to every single Indian. But it would not be inappropriate to say that, our national song is sung only for 24 hours, twice in a year. Calling ourselves Indian we feel proud, and celebrate our freedom like never before. Freedom is indeed a privilege, but not valuing it is a sin. The paradigm for the above context can be seen every 16th August or 27th January in almost every state in India. It is quite a disappointing fact that the zeal for independence doesn’t last long in our souls as one could see our national flag lying on roads the very next day. How proud do we feel when we see a National flag lying on road? Does the enthusiasm and respect for national flag die after the Independence Day? 

We often get sentimental when it comes to our nations’ pride, but guilt after watching our flag on sidewalks never bothers us. We always feel honoured being a part of the most diversified country of the world, our culture and our colorfulness. Then how can we be so ignorant to Our tricolor Flag? “I bow to thee, mother” is what Vande mataram means, and no doubt we respect our motherland but, are these words impactful only for one day? Only a One-day mataram?
 As a matter of fact plastic flags were banned in India once, but a proper business of plastic flags during the independence days is still at boom. Considering the esteem of the nation and the national flag, the small scale business of flags should be banned. This would surely affect a few people but what should be given importance is, Our flag in few hands and everyone respecting it, not a flag in every hand and only a few people respecting it. The most painful part is, that every single person blame others for not respecting the flag but nobody bothers to take the reponsibility and everybody is busy in blaming the system for not being fair. Don't let Our national lie on roads, not today not tommorow not ever.

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