Computer Security Evaluation

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This book is the sum of chapters , each of which describes one aspect of understanding the real methodology of computing and , this forms the back bone of book , if the real understanding about this book , this would be nothing but a heap of information , this book is about 3lvls Basic-Beginners Advanced-professionals and IT ?- doubts






In this topic we take you to a broad overview of computers from history to till date

And it also talks about hardware, softwares and all information you need to start computing with





In this topic we step you up to next lvl of computing understanding more complex topics makes you more professional and more informative and its all about high lvl computing which talks about hacking ,computer threats and solutions for it hope its informative



IT ?


In this topic we step you up to a world you wont believe in ,this is world of IT(information technology) you will face your questions face to face here in this topic asked question will be solved

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as the book is not yet published in the marathon of searching publication i am thinking of passing this books to professionals i must make sure they must not take credits of my work and  they can reject my presrnce so pls do the good :)

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