New Browser Based Tool Bar (un-named Yet)

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New Project: New Browser based Tool Bar (Un-named yet)

This tool bar can be installed in any PC and will have the following features:

1. Peer to Peer connectivity enabled Chat, exchange of emails, Files and Documents, Social/Business/Private network with automatic dynamic encryption.

2. Host Web page and monitor visitors & hits

3. Control UpNp/DLNA devices from the Network

4. Monitor Home/Office through CCTV, receive alarm, alerts

5. Develop a universal friendly search engine that would be fast, accurate and without invasion of  privacy.

6. Buy & Sell - networking local and international trades through buy or Sell categories through simple and easy posting from the tool bar.

7. Manage Ads and Post free Ads. Will be displayed based on user choices and permission.

This ambitious application would stand upto the current trends and make browsing useful and purposeful, so that the user is constantly aware of what is happening in his home, business, with friends and families, with systems etc. Alerts will be displayed for each category of information separately on the tool bar and a click would take them to the page.

Part of the features can be offered for free and the rest for a fee. Revenue in hardware integration and systems integration are also available.

Existing hardware and infrastructure would be sufficient on the User side to run the browser module.

Require Investment of $1 million for complete design, development and testing. Investor would get 60% equity in the project. Source control will be in our custody with rights to develop further modules and maintenance.

Please write to me for further details.

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