Princess Of The Damned

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As a pcychic/supernatural tale for teenagers and young adults, "Princess Of The Damned" is the story of a young demon girl who was sent to earth to open a portal to Hell so that Lucifer could cross over, and take dominion over the human race. But for fifteen years, Luciami had lived among the humans unaware of her heritage or why she was left behind by the demons of Hell. Then upon dicovering that she was a demon, Luciami then embarked on a journey with a human goth girl, named Anna to free herself from Lucifer, and live peacefully in Heaven. In This midst of all this madness Luciami are being hunted by a holy demon hunting organization, and occultist who seek to have them fulfill their destiny. Luciami, and Anna are resulted by a demon hunting organization known as "The Demon Busters", and Luciami falls in love with an angelic demonic hybrid named Damon. The occultist eventually wind up capturing Luciami, and Anna, and take them to Jerusalem where they open the portal, and release Beelzebub, and Lucifer. After months of training with her sister Belime, and various over masters of fighting, Luciami then fights with Lucifer, and manages to kill him, but then dies from her own wounds.

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