All Because Of A Man

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All alone With no one to share her pain Her face is mascara stained From tears shed Because she's been hurt yet again All because of a man She does everything she can To conceal her emotions But she's drowning in tears She feels like she swimming in an ocean With no escape to land She holds her face in her hands She's so tired But no one understands She feels helpless Hopeless Feels like her life is worthless All because of a man She lives in a state of vulnerability Pushed over by men with no stability Manipulated Degraded Oppressed Objectified Dishonored Made to feel less than a woman All because he was less than a man She loves It hurts She loves again It hurts A never ending cycle The cycle never ends She wonders if she'll ever know what real love is Wondering if she can find her own love within So she looks behind the tears Pushes away the pain Buries her insecurities Trying to discover the love she has for self Trying to rebuild herself Trying to move on With the little piece of dignity she has left Blocking out the bad memories and feelings she felt All because of a man

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Love, pain, hurt

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