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This is an application which allows user to interact with the internet. It gives an environment to handle the necessity ofa web browser. The user can communicate with two web pages in parallel. Its main feature is to operate with two search engines at a time on a single window. There will be no need of pressing the new tab button for moving from one page to another. We can see the current status of the web page without moving on another page. It also has some additional in-built web services to give more facilities.
All the websites can be accessed through it. This application makes sure that the user will be able to operate it; hence it will be user friendly.

This system will be developed using the VB.NET technology, which will make it useable only on Microsoft Systems, since a .exe format file will be created. The browser would enable the user to enhance his capabilities he might already be enjoying using the traditional browser. It is a modification to the already existing tab system, allowing the user to access two tabs at the same time without having to switch between the two.

The system will also consist of bookmarks and history features enjoyed in a traditional browser. However, both the panes will have their own bookmarks and history. This will make the browser flexible and allow enhanced capabilities to the user. The user can also set different homepages for both the panes, and also save and print the panes individually according to his wish.

This makes the browser look to the user as two separate browsers clubbed into one, but with tremendous power and performance efficiency since there is only one application running. The browser is very ligh-weight and hence the system load is very minimum.

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Software - Apex Main screen
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Software - Apex Properties window
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Software - Apex History for panel 1
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Software - Apex Email window
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