Watch The Way I Swag

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Copyright Holder: bolaji david
Website: http://youtu.be/Nr0OQJ1D8-U
Year Published / Made Public in: 2014
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Dance video by Inna Show dance group to CAMP A2Z's song "Watch the way I Swag" featuring Bojay David

the text of song "watch the way i swag along"

watch the way i swag along (x2)
watch the way i swag swag swag swag swag along x3

1 verse(boy)
He bounce as he swags and his swagging as he bounce
Like a champ in a bout, he thinks he'll take you in a round
he thinks he will take you off your feet and will take you in a beat
with All the ladies screaming,weeping,crying flipping while he's
Stop Mr cool please give me some room
I'm not! I'm not in the mood so don't give me your bull
I know you think you are fly and you think you've got the swag
you think you are the man but are nothing but a clown!
Bla bla bla swag, bla bla bla swag bla bla bla swag
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


2nd verse (boy)
As he walks in the club, he tries to take it to the top
he says see me while I bounce all you ladies think I'm hot
my dance brings the heat and I dance to the beat
all the people dancing,popping,swagging, bouncing at the party
2nd verse (girl)
one,two,three,four,steps you should take it to the left
I'll leave you in a mess,if you doubt me make a bet!
I don't care if you're swag, and I don't care if you're bad
so don't you cross my path and don't take me as a fan
Bla bla bla swag, bla bla bla swag bla bla bla swag
bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

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rap,trap music,hiphop

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