Lyrics Of Song-tainu Vekhi Jaavan

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lyrics of song tainu vekhi jaavan
1. dil wich reejh ikk yar de tere nal zindagi bitavan main,
tainu vekhi jaavan, tainu seene nal laavan, kde tere kolon hth na shudavan main.

2. kde kde dil mera karda, rok la main tainu hath fadke,
akhan bass chahundiyan ne tainu vekhna , dil tera naam laike dhdke,

ghr pta naio tera, par gali wich geda ,5 7 vaari roj laavan main,

tainu vekhi jaavan, tainu seene nal laavan, kde tere kolon hth na shudavan main,

3. tere mere rishte eh pak da banu fer rabb v gwah ni,
jithe kite tu mainu disdi uthe mera mukkda ae rah ni,

sch dsan mutiyare, jdo socha tere bare, duniyan eh sari bhul jaavan main,

tainu vekhi jaavan, tainu seene nal laavan,  kde tere kolon hth na Shudava main.

4. tu v dil wali gal dsde rkh ditta dil main tan fol ke,
atinder tan tere utto hoya kurban dekhi tur jayi na tu rol ke

lvaan saahan wich saah, je tu kr deve haan, khaid ch viahke tainu liavan main

tainu vekhi jaavan tainu seene nal laavan kde tere kolon hth na shudavan mainn.

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these are my lyrics. these are famous now so i dont want anybody to use it.

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Music - Lyrics Of Song-tainu Vekhi Jaavan lyrics of song- tainu vekhi jaavan
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