Hunters Vs Hunted

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The Hunters vs the hunted is an action packed game that will more likely than not keep you on your toes. It is a game you get to play as either predator or prey and the following are the details of what it consists of. 

Main Menu Screen

Has a list of options to choose from to enable the player navigate through the game. They consist of the following:

a) Start game

This takes you to the mode selection screen

b) Instructions

This gives you a description of the two different game modes and what you should do.

c) High scores

Shows your highest achievements for both game modes

d) Select Mode

Gives you options to select a mode in game-play either as the hunter or the hunted

i) The Hunter

You play as the cheetah in the wild. You have 2 minutes to see how many prey you can catch. Short-horned antelopes excellent at maneuvering and confusing their predators. Are you fast enough? Do you have what it takes?

ii) The Hunted

You are a lone antelope with short horns having only your speed and maneuvering tactics at your disposal. Cheetahs are out to get you. How long can you last against the fastest land mammals in the wild? Its survival for the fittest.

e) Credits

This shows you the name of the game developer

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