Tater Tot Cowboy

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Tater Tot Cowboy

Walkin the dusty ole driveway, my little spur's kickin up dirt,

A plastic pistol at my side and a lolly pop in the pocket of my shirt.

Now I ain't out to hurt no one, I'm just havin me some fun,

But with an ABC and a 123 I'll have those bad guy's on the run.

I'm headed to the stables to mount my trusty ole steed,

I hung him on the wall the night before when I finished rakin the leaves.

I give a tip of my hat to the stable boy as I walk on by,

I hear him hollar out, “He's takin ole Thunder out for a ride!”

Now my Pa he's a good ole guy but he just don't understand,

We Tater Tot cowboy's gotta be free to run these open land's.

Written by 

Tina Rivera-Wilcox


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