Gigantic Cat Detective

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Script for Issue 1:


Gigantic Cat Detective Issue 1
By William Sinclair
Page 1

Panel 1: Int. We see a close up shot of a mysterious trunk like hand in silhouette putting a huge key through an equally large keyhole.

Panel 2: Ext. Frontal shot of a large looming Castle, seemingly white brick and five stories tall, very wide. It is set against a dark cloudy night sky. The art is very bleak and dark, with washed out coloring scheme. We see a blank caption in the top right corner, which represents anonymous narration.

Anonymous Narration: A king lays asleep in his castle. Protected from the outside and any demons which may gather there.

Panel 3: Same image again, but this time with a large ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAwhooooooOOoooo!’ in bold red letters, representing a scream.

Anonymous narration: Of course, that doesn’t account for any demons lurking inside.

Page 2
Panel 1: INT: Darkly lit room, amidst mysterious dark objects, we see only a telephone illuminated and sitting on a small table, to the right of it the outline of a large chair is viewed from the behind, coming from the inside of it is the shadowy outline of a mysterious man’s arm, reaching towards the telephone. We see a ‘ring! Ring!’ Sound effect circled around the phone.

Panel 2: Close up shot of the telephone. A silhouette of the man’s hand, mysteriously without fingers, is now clicking the ‘speakerphone’ button at the bottom of the dial-pad.

Panel 3: Ext. Arial shot of the man’s window, his outline and apartment visible from within, he is still sitting on the couch. We see two speech capsule at either side of the panel, one orange to represent the man, the other blue to represent a police chief.
Orange capsule: What is it?

Blue Capsule: There’s been a murder. Home Invasion. I thought you’d want to look into it.

Panel 4: Ext. cut to the door of the building, the door is wooden and worn down, with various cracks and sratches. To the side on the wall, there is a sign that says ‘GCD Detective Agency’.

Orange Capsule: And why would I want to do that, exactly? I was just in the middle of my fifth sleep, and I don’t appreciate being disturbed!

Blue capsule: I’m sorry, sir. But…. It’s…it’s the king.

Orange capsule: ….I’ll be right there.

Page 3
Panel 1: Int. wide shot, the King’s mansion bedroom, it is elegant and majestic, with a high roof, patterned red wallpaper with golden elephant symbols line the walls, and the floor is covered in a long black carpet. The bed is four poster, and has a large body conspicuously lying on it, with a grey sheet to cover. We see two police officers standing to the side looking on. Both in london police uniform with silver badges, their names hard to make out on them, the one to the left is older and grizzled with wrinkles, ling grey hair, and a rough beard, clearly a veteran on the force, the other is a fresh faced young man, clean shaved, brown hair just visible from his hat. He’s clearly a rookie, in contrast with his partner. Together, they are the two most clichéd cop movie characters imaginable. The Rookie cop is wearing a horrified look, with his eyes wide, and mouth hanging a tad. The older cop looks on cynically, with a frown, clearly having seen many murders like this.

Veteran: Guards say there was no sign of intruders, seems to be an inside job.

Rookie cop: What kind of monster would do something like this?!

Veteran cop: All kinds, rookie. This city is crawling with scum. If you don’t think you can handle it, maybe you shouldn’t be on the force after all!

Panel 2: Close up shot of the cops standing together in the same position as last time. The rookie cop looks annoyed at his comment, now turning towards his elder with crossed eyes.

Rookie Cop: I can handle it, sir. Doesn’t mean I have to be so damn casual about it!

Veteran: You will be one day, junior. Just you wait until you’ve seen a few hundred cases like this!

Rookie: Then maybe I SHOULDN’T be on the force.

Panel 3: Same shot, now with the rookie looking at the veteran with a state of confusion, his eyes squinted, and mouth in a squiggle.

Veteran: Bear me no mind, kid. I’m the grizzled cop archetype, and you’re my wide eyed Rookie partner. We’re supposed to fight.

Panel 4: the rookie now has a more neutral face and has turned towards the body, he seems to be desperately trying to change the subject with an eye still slightly squinted. The veteran looks casually on.

Rookie: …Who was this guy? Must’ve been pretty rich, judging by this place!

Veteran: You never heard of him, newbie?!

Rookie: Nope.

Page 4

Panel 1: We see the veteran still look on casually, while the rookie looks at him uncomfortably, with a visible drop of sweat coming from his fore-head

Veteran Cop: Boy, that corpse you see before you was once The Elephant King! Possibly the best damned King those pachyderms ever had! And he dies in bed, strangled by his own trunk!! I would think of it a shame… If I weren’t so damned grizzled!

Rookie: is… is that some kind of jo….

Panel 2: Shoulder shot of the rookie in the foreground, and the bed further out. We now see that beneath the body sheet there is a large grey elephant trunk coming out from underneath it!!

Panel 3: Close up shot of the Rookie’s face, his eyes veeeeery wide, like an anime, and his mouth dropped down to impossibly low levels.

Rookie: WHAT?! …. Just…. WHAAAAAT?!

Panel 4: Back to the shot of the two standing in front of the wall, the veteran now looks annoyed, while the rookie is clearly about to snap from the insanity of the situation, his face halfway red from building fury, and eyes crossed.

Veteran: Damn, son! Do you really not know NOTHING about the Elephant Family!? You youngsters don’t watch a lot of news do you?!

Page 5

Panel 1: another close up of the rookie, now completely losing it, his eyes now completely crossed, his face completely red, with fury, and his mouth in a large yelling shape. The background is completely solid red to represent his complete anger.


Just under his rant, we see a word balloon coming from a character off-screen, it is orange unlike the white of the others.

Orange Word Balloon: A young one, apparently.

Panel 2: shot of the doorway to the room, it is golden and smooth with a giant keyhole engraved into it. Coming out of it is a bold white light, in front stepping into the room is a Human-sized cat! He wears a grey, pinstriped suit, a brown fedora with two cat ears sticking out of it, and a white shirt with a red and blue tie. Over this is a long black cape with red velvet lined inside, attached to his neck with a golden collar. He has a pink nose and green eyes, his whiskers extending out of his chin. His paws on both his legs and arms are visible through the suit, and he has a small tooth pick in his mouth. His Facial expression has a hint of smugness about it, with his mouth in a constant smiling position and his eyes constantly giving an infuriatingly patronizing look. He is… The Gigantic Cat Detective!!!

Gigantic Cat Detective (still with the orange speech bubble): You called?

Page 6

FULL PAGE SHOT: Ext. Same shot of the Castle as before, full page. We now see an ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ text, this time from the rookie instead of the Elephant King. At the bottom of the page we see the title of the storyline in large bold letters: The Gigantic Cat Detective In: The Dead Elephant in the Room

Page 7

Panel 1: Back into the bedroom, this time with The Giant Cat detective standing in the centre of the room in front of the bed, his hat in hand and facial expression very pompous. The rookie is on the left of him on a chair with a shock blanket over him, his face is bluish, and he has a terrified expression on his face. Tremble lines around his body to show his shaking with shock. The veteran is standing to the right of them both, with his same blank expression.

Veteran: Do you see anything interesting, Mr.Detective?

Gigantic Cat Detective: Oh, a great deal! A great deal indeed! Why, I noticed the second I came into this room that the victim was lying on his bed! And thus… by the powers of my esteemed deduction.. I think we can conclude that he was in fact murdered on his bed!

Veteran: Great work, Mr.Detective.

Panel 2: same as 1, but this time the Gigantic Cat Detective is closer to the rookie’s chair, and is putting his hat on top of the Rookie’s head with his now un-retracted claws.

Gigantic Cat Detective: Please, call me Gigantic Cat. It’s a bit stupid being called Mr Detective over and over.

Veteran: It would be my honor, sir.

Gigantic Cat Detective: Well, obviously.

Panel 3: The Detective is now looking at the rookie with a larger smile, and wider eyes, as if about to laugh.

Gigantic Cat Detective: Your partner makes an excellent Hat Rack!

Veteran: Thank you, sir.

Gigantic Cat Detective: I’ll have to remember it for next time!

Panel 4: The Detective is now placing the hat back onto his head with his claws, and walking back towards the door. The Veteran is looking baffled, and is calling towards him.

Veteran: You’re leaving?! Aren’t you going to examine the body?!

Gigantic Cat Detective: BAH! Such a thing would be but a waste of time! I acquired all the date I require with just a quick glance around the room!

Veteran: I…Incredible, sir!

Gigantic Cat Detective: You love stating the obvious over and over, don’t you?

Page 8

Panel 1: We see the Detective walking down a lonely grey street, the pavement cracked, and large greyscale buildings in the background. The Detective is looking down in annoyance, and has his paws in his pockets. His cape blows in the wind.

Orange Caption in upper right: ‘a quick glance of the room!’ I hate to lie, but somehow the idea of handling a dead elephant’s corpse just loses its appeal when I’m supposed to be in bed.

Panel 2: Close up shot of the Detectives fat pompous face looking on in an inquisitive manner.

Orange Caption: I still remember meeting the Elephant King for the first time… such a larger than life and magnificent beast he was. I never would have guessed he would have died in such a Humiliating, anti-climactic fashion. After years of making sure to lock his bedroom door and bar his windows every night, he happens to forget the one time a murderer happens to be strolling by! I guess that’s how life is, a promising spark, then a big bucket of water, spilt over by your own absent minded stupidity!

Panel 3: We see the grey clouds in the sky, and a large RUMBLE sound effect in bold letters.

Orange Caption: A dot in the universe, now blipped away. The universe goes on.

Panel 4: We see lightning come from the sky, and rain begins to pour from the clouds

Orange Caption in upper left: Nothing. Nothing but Vast, uncaring…

Orange Caption in Lower right….RAIN!!!!!! OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT!!!

Page 9

Panel 1: We see the Detective frantically running through the street now on all fours, his face is frightened and a tear is coming from his eye


Panel 2: the Detective is hiding under a car, his face low and irritable, stripped of all pomposity

Gigantic Cat Detective: How humiliating.

Panel 3: We see a TV screen, the image inside is that of a newsroom, with a male blond reporter at the centre, and a small screen with the image of an Elephant in a crown, glasses, and cape to the left.

Reporter: After 20 years or service, The Elephant King has been found murdered in his sleep. Sources tell me that the Elephants guarding the exterior of the palace saw no sign of intruders, and so it is assumed to be the work of someone already inside the castle.

Panel 4: Still on the screen, we see a large crowd of elephants, all bowing their heads in sadness, and crying their eyes out.

Reporter (off panel): The news has sat poorly with the elephant Community, who join together in collective mourning at the loss of a king who was more than a ruler, but a friend to his people.
The news has sat poorly with the elephant Community, who join together in collective mourning at the loss of a king who was more than a ruler, but a friend to his people.
Panel 4: Still on the TV screen, we now see the towering figure of the elephant duke, a large white elephant with solid gold tusks and wearing an all grey suit. He has a microphone pointed towards him, and has a furious look on his face, as he clenches his trunk. In front of him can be seen a large indistinct crowd of Elephants.

Reporter: The Elephant Duke had this to say.

The Elephant Duke: This is indeed a tragedy of the highest order. But I shed no tears, for that is not what my brother would have wanted. Instead all I can do is keep moving forward, and I swear to you… his killer will meet swift and proportionate retribution! I swear to all elephants out there dismayed at this… HORRIFYING and brutal act of violence inflicted upon our ruler.. I will PERSONALLY CRUSH THE HEAD OF WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE WITH MY OWN TRUNK, AND HAVE THE REST OF HIS BODY PUT ON DISPLAY AS AN EXAMPLE TO ALL OTHERS WHO MAY DARE OPPOSE THE ELEPHANT ROYALS!

Page 10

Panel 1: We see Gigantic Cat detective sitting on his chair, the room now illuminated by the light of the TV to reveal torn grey wallpaper, half eaten cans of tuna lying all over the room, a telescope pointed out the window, stacks of ‘Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, and noire books all over, and milk bottles sorrounding the chair. He is wearing an elegant green and black dressing gown, and has a towel wrapped around his head. His fur and whiskers are sagging, and he looks tired and depressed. The television is just off-panel.

Television from off-panel: stirring words from the Duke. Top cat on the force Gigantic Cat Detective has been brought in, we wait with bated breath for his inspired words on the subject.

Orange caption in top left: They all have such faith in my abilities. That would have been almost justified a few years ago.

Orange Caption in Bottom Right: Can’t let them know I’m not what I used to be... can’t let them…

Panel 2: we see the detective close his eyes, and leaning his head against the chair.

Panel 3: Dream sequence, we see a swirl of colors and shapes as the detective looks up in the air with a rejoicing look on his face, and his arms stretched wide and high in the air, the image is far brighter than what we’ve seen before. The Detective is now wearing his outfit again.

Gigantic Cat Detective: AAAH! This is more like it! No rain, no murder, and best of all, no muted color palette!!

Panel 4 we see a huge part of the mist above the detective open up into a hole, and through the hole we see the image of the elephant King looking sternly down at the detective, his face huge. Gigantic Cat Detective looks up with a baffled and terrified reaction.


Gigantic Cat Detective: H..hey! You aren’t supposed to be here! This is MY dream!

Page 11
Panel 1: The elephant king’s head is now taking up the entire background of the panel, with the detective’s comparatively tiny body in the foreground.


Gigantic Cat Detective: I was going t… hey, WHAT friendship?! We were acquaintances at BEST!


Panel 2: Close up shot of the Detectives face, now really angry looking.

Gigantic Cat Detective: Without my consent! Did it never occur to you that I might not want to wear a hot and heavy suit of armor all day?!

Panel 3: back to the shot of panel 1, the king now has his trunk raised to be directly over the detective.


Gigantic Cat Detective: oh yes, I’m sure they all LOVE being weighed down by a metal suit designed for AN ELEPHANT!!


Panel 4: now water is shooting out of the King’s trunk, and all over the cat, who is screaming in pain.


Page 12

Panel 1: Gigantic Cat Detective is now in a huge sea of water, he is struggling against the pull by splashing his paws all over the surface, attempting desperately not to drown.


Detective: YOU (gurgle) YOU LEFT THE DOOR OPEN!!! YOU LEFT THE DOOR O- (gurgle)!!!!

Panel 2: back to the Detectives room, he is now sitting on his chair, his eyes wide open. We see water dripping down from the roof and onto his head.

Orange Panel: -PEN… Confound it!! That Pathetic Pachyderm found a way to hound me even in death!

Panel 3: Mid shot of the Detective, now with a quizzical look on his face.

Orange Panel: he left his door open…? he would never leave it open! He was far too concerned with his personal safety! And there was no sign of a forced entry…

Panel 4: shot of the detective running down the street, now with his suit cape and hat back on, his pompous smile back on his face.

Page 13

Panel 1: Int: Elephant Royal Hall, wide shot. Enter The Elephant Queen, a very tall but relatively slim Indian elephant in a ceremonial elephant headpiece. She has large eyelashes, and jewel encrusted tusks. Her trunk is holding a hanky, and pressing it against her eyes, as she cries in mourning with a melodramatic facial expression. She is standing in the in the Elephant royal hall, a large room with chandeliers hanging down from all over the roof, golden wallpaper, and a large table with a selection of fruits and peanuts. Sitting at a table on the large chair is the Elephant Duke, who can be seen with his trunk munching a twig of grapes. Two guards are stationed in the background, Elephants in Beefeater uniform, and muskets wrapped in their trunks.

Elephant Queen: MY KING! OH MY KING! Why did this happen, Duke?! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!

Elephant Duke: Someone broke into his room and strangled him with his own trunk. It was clearly explained to us.

Panel 2: low angle shot of the queen staring down at the Duke, a look of absolute fury on her face.


Panel 3: Mid shot of the Duke, looking suave and eating a grape with his trunk, the queen is staring down at him, still furious.

Duke: Exactly! I was his brother! I had to put up with his pompous idiocy my whole entire life…well, HIS whole entire life!

Queen: How DARE you!

Duke: Don’t play the innocent with me, my dear. You weren’t exactly singing his praises earlier on tonight during our little… ‘Tiddly Winks game’!

Panel 4: The Queen now looks confused, as the Duke gives a stern face, annoyed by her obliviousness.

Queen: ‘Tiddly Winks Game’?

Duke: I meant the sex.

Queen: Oh.

Panel 5: We see a wide and long hallway, red wallpaper, and golden brick floor. On the walls are pictures of the Elephant King’s predecessors. There are several doors in the background. The Rookie officer is in the foreground, standing up, but still shivering, and with the blanket over him. His facial expression is that of a terrified man in a surreal nightmare, his face blank as a sheet. The Veteran officer is talking standing next to him, his arms wide in frustration, and his face filled with annoyance. The two of them are standing right next to the golden door of the Elephant King’s bedroom.

Veteran: What the hell’s gotten into ya, rookie?! You’re lucky Gigantic Cat didn’t scratch your face off with how you behaved!

Rookie: ….We are in a castle filled with talking elephants… and the lead detective on the force is a GIANT CAT IN A SUIT WHO APPARENTLY SCRATCHES PEOPLES FACES OFF!!! Why do you not find this horrifying?!

Page 14

Panel 1: The Rookie still looks horrified, the veteran is nonchalant. .

Veteran: Well….he’s actually not on the force anymore, he’s mostly private these days. On some cases, we bring him in in order to get his special inp---

Rookie: He’s still a giant talking CAT!

Panel 2: The veteran is now walking off-panel with a frown, leaving the rookie standing still on his own still absolutely terrified, calling on the Veteran.

Veteran: That’s it! I’m tired of listening to your moaning, rookie!


Rookie thought Caption: WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

Panel 3: Back to the queen and the Duke, the queen is now furiously pointing her trunk at the Duke with a look of rage, the Duke has his pompous smile, infuriatingly wide across his face.

Queen: I had my grievances about him…. That doesn’t mean I wanted him dead!

Duke: Well, you’re a rare breed in those who knew the old fool.

Queen:… Did you kill him?

Duke: NO! What possible indication have I given that I would ever even THINK of doing something like that?!

Panel 4: Low Angle look at Gigantic Cat Detective at the hall’s door, he is looking on at the fight in amusement, a gold beam of light behind him as it was in his earlier door entering.

Gigantic Cat Detective: well, this case may turn out to be easy yet! The Duke may as well have the words ‘murderer’ painted on his forehead!

Panel 5: We see the Detective now up against the duke, a quizzical and suspicious looks on his face, as he holds a magnifying glass to his head, his paw can be visibly seen rummaging around in the Duke’s pocket. The duke is furious, his eyes blaring red and wide open. The queen is to the side, looking on amused by what is happening.

Detective: actually, do you?! That would be awfully convenient! A bit silly of you to have it painted on, but thanks anyway, makes my job a lot easier!

Queen: Oh…. Sir Gigantic Cat Detective. How nice to see you!

Panel 6: The Detective is facing the queen now, smiling charmingly, and pressing his paw against her trunk. The Duke is facing them both standing looking very embarrassed and annoyed.

Detective: Your majesty. I’m only sorry it had to be like this. The Elephant King was a…. friend of mine.. I suppose?

Duke: I am no murderer, Detective! It was just a joke!

Detective: Oh I do love a good laugh when a family member is brutally murdered in his sleep.

Page 15

Panel 1: Mid shot of the cat and the queen, the duke off-panel.

Queen: Have you found anything at all?

Detective: Not any physical evidence.. but I am on track, I believe! I was wondering if you could help me, as a matter of fact. You wouldn’t happen to have your bedroom key on you?

Panel 2: Wide shot, we can now see all three, as the Duke looks dismayed, the detective has turned to the Duke.

Duke: Why would you ask a question like that?! You…

Detective: Because the door was open! The King wasn’t one to leave his door open whilst sleeping!

Panel 3: mid-shot of the Duke and the Detective staring each other down

Duke: This is what you’re going with?!

Detective: I can say with complete certainty that it is indeed the right thing to go with.

Duke: And why’s that?

Detective: Because I can also say with complete certainty that I am a genius. Anything I choose to go with is therefore the right thing by default.

Detective thought caption: GOD it’ll be embarrassing if I’m wrong!

Panel 4: Shot of Elephant Queen on her own with the other two off-panel, she is rummaging through her head piece with her trunk, but can find nothing.

Elephant Queen: That is true, sir Duke! My King would never have allowed us to sleep under an unlocked door. I… Oh! I think you’re right, sir Gigantic Cat… I don’t seem to have my key on me… I had it this morning!

Panel 5: mid shot of all three of them, the duke and queen staring at the detective, the Queen in admiration, the Duke in frustration. The Detective is walking midway out of the room, his hat being tipped with his claw as he turns round to the queen, a smug but still charming look on his face.

Gigantic Cat Detective: M’lady!

Queen: farewell, good sir! I wish you the best of luck!

Gigantic Cat Detective Thought Panel in corner: IN YOUR FACE YOU STUPID ELEPHANT PRICK!

Page 16

Panel 1: mid shot of the Duke and the Queen standing together, the queen looking smart-arsed, the Duke looking royally pissed off.

Queen: I think he’s on to you, Duke!


Queen: Oh, Darling. Of course.

Panel 2: Back to the hallway, the rookie cop is still shivering and standing completely still.

Rookie thought caption: Wake me up! Please wake me up from this nightmare! It has to stop! IT HAS TO END NOW!

Panel 3: The Rookie is in the same place, the detective is now running through a door in the background, his magnifying glass in hand.

Rookie Thought Caption: What did I do…. What could I possibly have done to deserve this?!

Panel 4: The Detective is now rummaging on the floor, the rookie has turned his head, his face just visible in a state of shock.

Rookie Thought Caption: He’s here! The beast from hell! What could he possibly want with me?!

Gigantic Cat Detective: Over here you fool! Help me, I’m looking for a bedroom key!

Rookie thought caption: he beckons for me to come to him… BUT I SHALL NOT OBEY!

Panel 5: Sideway shot of the rookie running, speedlines drawn across his body to demonstrate his speed, his face brimming with fear. He is running in the opposite direction of where the Detective is (duh).


Sub-panel at the corner of Panel 5: Shot of the Rookie’s foot, tripping over a giant key

Page 17

Panel 1: Shot of a large window on the exterior of the castle, through it can be seen the rookie tripping over into it, with the Detective chasing behind him. We can see the start of a banister that leads to a stair case just behind the rookie. The Rookie is screaming as he falls.

Panel 2: Shot of the Rookie crashing through the window with a large ‘CRASH’ sound effect, he is falling head first out of it, his face caught in insane terror.

Panel 3: Silhouetted upward shot, the Rookie is falling further down to the ground, a large ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ text in bold red letters is heard. The palace is looming over, and the moon can be seen, huge and just on top of it.

Panel 4: Upward shot of the Detective looking down, his face looking distinctly dismayed. He is seemingly looking down at the rookie.

Detective: Oh my!

Panel 5: downward shot of the key on the floor, the detective speaking from off panel, revealing that he was looking down at the key, and not the rookie.

Detective: He found it!

Page 18

Panel 1: All black, with nothing but a speech caption.

Unknown person: Hey, Rookie! ROOKIE! Wake up, boy!

Panel 2: upward shot of the Veteran staring down, we are viewing this from the Rookie’s POV, the veteran has a worried expression on his face, and is bending down, using his arms to shake the Rookie awake, the palace walls and the night sky can be seen in the background for this sequence.

Veteran: You okay, kid?

Rookie from Off-panel: I… I…

Panel 3: Downward shot of the rookie lying on the grassy ground from where he jumped out of the window, the Veteran is bending over, looking down with concern. The Rookie is with a state of befuddlement on his face he has a comical cartoon bruise on his head.

Rookie: I… I fell head first out a window! I should have died from that…

Veteran: nope…

Rookie: or at least have some sort of injury…

Veteran: um, there’s a lump on your head, but it’ll go away in a few minutes, Rookie.

Panel 4: The Rookie now has his head back in despair, a tear running down his eye.

Rookie: That… that doesn’t make any… Oh forget it… just forget it…

Veteran: …Do.. Do you need a break, Rookie? You seem to be going just a bit… um…insane.

Rookie: M-maybe that would be for the best…

Panel 5: The Gigantic Cat Detective is standing in the background, his arms crossed, and his face stern, the rookie and the veteran are in the foreground, looking on.

Gigantic Cat Detective: and why exactly would THAT be for the best?

Page 19

Panel 1: Mid-Shot of the Rookie, the Rookie has gotten up, and is jumping back in fright, screaming at the top of his lungs, the veteran is still on the ground, now staring up at the Rookie.


Panel 2: Wide shot, the Detective is now advancing to the Rookie, walking along casually, with his typical smug smile.

Gigantic Cat Detective: You have helped me find a vital piece of evidence in this case! I think your deductive capabilities will be most helpful in the solving of the matter…

Panel 3: mid shot of the detective and the rookie, the Rookie completely pale and stunned with fear, the Detective with his right arm around the Rookie, and his other pointed upwards in eccentric inspiration, completely oblivious to the Rookie’s discomfort.

Detective: Therefore, you shall be my new Partner for the duration of this case… who knows, maybe even for the rest of your career!!

Rookie: No…NOOO!

Detective: If your current Partner doesn’t mind, that is…

Panel 3: Mid-shot of the veteran, his face in a large proud smile, and hands on hips

Veteran: It would be an honor to give him to you, Giant Cat!

Rookie: (off-panel) no…no... n…

Panel 4: back to the midshot of the Detective and the Rookie, the detective is now staring down at the Rookie’s badge.

Detective: Excellent! Well, welcome aboard then, Officer.. um, Officer…

Rookie: Noo… noooo…..

Sub-panel in the bottom corner of Panel 4: we see the Rookie’s badge pinned to his uniform, up close we can see it says ‘officer Rookie Cop’.

Gigantic Cat Detective: (off panel) err, Officer Rookie Cop!

Page 20

Panel 1: The same mid-shot, the Detective is now placing his hat on the Rookie’s head again. The Rookie is still visibly terrified.

Detective: We will be the best of Partners! Maybe even friends eventually! ‘The Gigantic Cat Detective, and Officer Rookie Cop! We’ll go places you and I!

Rookie: God, I’m not normally a praying man, but please help me….I beg of you to…

Panel 2: The Rookie now has the hat placed firmly on his head. The Detective is rubbing his head to the right of the Rookie’s body, in complete bliss, his eyes closed, and face is a broad smile, hair is clearly rubbing off onto the Rookie’s body. The Rookie is suddenly more confused than scared, with one eye raised higher than the other.

Panel 3: The same, but to the left.

Panel 4: The Detective has stopped, backing away with a grimace on his face, the Rookie is looking very annoyed, as they both stand there.

Rookie: What… what are you doing?!

Detective: I’m just marking you with my scent. I own you now.

Rookie: what the F*CK?!

Detective: Just be glad you aren’t a carpet.

Page 21

Panel 1: Full body shot of The Detective standing proudly against a golden backdrop, his paw clenched like a fist, and in his other paw. He has a determined look on his face.

Detective: Come now, my new Partner! There is a case that needs solving! And it seems that destiny has chosen us to solve it! With the evidence you have found, we shall be able to deal a great blow to our nemesis, the reprehensible murderer of the Elephant King, whoever he may be!

Panel 2: Close up shot of the Detectives face, looking distinctly embarrassed.

Detective: Speaking of which… would one of you mind getting the key for me? It’s heavy, and I have no opposable thumbs.

Text at the bottom of the page: TO BE CONTINUED!

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