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A few days back I went to an orphanage run my one of my Guru who is the head of a mutt. He manages a very luxurious old age home. My Guru was in prayer and the receptionist asked me to wait. While I was waiting, I noticed one old man aged about seventy and a young man at his thirty five were discussing something very seriously with the receptionist. Out of curiosity I listened to their talk.
The receptionist asked the two whether they need coffee or tea for which they humbly refused. The young man said’Mam, I want to admit my father in your old age home for some personal reasons’.
The lady answered ‘No, problem sir we are the number one old age home in this city with very sophisticated facilities. We are having around fifty inmates here.Our home is in existence for more than 60 years and is run by our Swami Ji
The Youngman asked’ok how will be the facilities? ‘The lady replied smiling ‘simply he will feel at home, there are AC/Non AC rooms,Veg and Non Veg food, rooms with TV and so on’. She continued ‘Sir, for admission you have to fill this form’.
The lady asked ‘Do you want TV in the room? ‘The man asked his father ‘Daddy what is your preference? ‘His father answered ‘No, Son you know well that even in the house when the children switch on the TV, I get irritated, I don’t want one please’. The young man replied ‘No, Dad when you are alone you will feel bored please have the TV’.The father never replied anything. The young man told the lady Ma’am, please arrange for the TV’. The lady agreed.
Again the lady asked ‘Sir, you prefer AC or Non AC’.The young man questioned ‘what will be the difference in the tariff?’ The lady said ‘Only Rs.6000’.The young man immediately agreed for this. But his father objected ‘No, Son I don’t like AC, Non AC room is more than enough for me’.
The young man was very much persuasive ‘No, Dad in summer time you will very much need it’. His father silently agreed. The lady continued ‘What about the food Sir, Veg or Non Veg?’
The young man replied ’Oh, my dad is a very strict veg’.The lady said ‘Sir, you have to pay Rs.30, 000 now, do you prefer to pay by cash or cheque?’
The young man agreed to pay by cheque and issued a cheque. He told his father that he will go and collect the luggage and will come back.
By this time I got bored sitting there all the time and came out for a walk. Still I was watching the young man.
The young man came out to take the luggage and his mobile rang. He attended the call I presumed it was from his wife. As the young man’s mobile was accidentally put on to speaker mode, I was able to over hear the conversation. She asked ‘Is everything ok there, are the facilities ok for uncle? ‘He replied yes, it is fine TV, AC and Veg food all are available.
His wife continued’Good,will he come to our house for festivals and all, why I asked this is now he will have more friends there, moreover we may make some sweets for the festivals and you know well he is having diabetes.’
At this moment the father came out of the old age home and I can see him listening to their conversation. But there were no change of expression in his face, as if he expected this much earlier.
His wife continued ‘Moreover our home is very far away from that place why should we trouble uncle unnecessarily, do not forget to give his doctors number to him so that he can talk to the doctor directly in case of emergency’.
The young man said’Ok, now cut the call I will take care of everything do not worry.’
At this time my Guru who runs the old age home arrived seeing the young man’s father he said ‘Hello, Sir How are you? Hope everything is going on well?’
The young man’s father just exchanged a smile with him and He introduced his son to My Guru.
The Swami Ji asked ‘Hello gentleman what you are doing? ‘The young man answered that he is working in an IT Compnay.At this time the receptionist came out and took the young man’s father to show his room.
The young man asked the Swami,’Ji, I saw you were talking to my father for a very long time do you know him before? ‘The Swami Ji answered ‘Yes in fact I know him 30 years back when he came here to adopt a boy, actually he told me not to tell you this but I feel this is the right moment to reveal this but do not worry, I will take good care of him’.
It flashed in the young man’s mind who may be that boy. He stood speechless.
A home really very far away from home!

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