In Thomas' Wake......"sequal To In Search Of Thomas"

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A sweeping historical and geanelogical work featuring the current generation DNA family decendants of William Franklin Townsend of St. Paul's, N. Carolina. His family like many Townsend's of Robeson County may be traced back to one Thomas and Leticca McConkey Townsend of 1748 W. Bladen, or Robeson. 

The family is rooted in the Jametown colony, late comers in 1621 with indentured servant (Sir) Richard Townsend to Dr. John Potts, remembered in a placard on the old Anglican Church in that settlement Village. Potts was a surgeon and apothacarist, but refusing to teach Townsend skills, lost the indentureship as Townsend was given 21 acres of "Indian Land" to settle, freed and afterwards married and carried his English name into the commonwealth by children, and grandchildren. His great grandson was a "Thomas" born in a Princinct extending in NC along the Cowan River, south and West of Jamestown. This document is mostly about the new generation of DNA recipients that sprout forth in the 21st Century at a time that is so very troubled with Economic and social issues.  This is Daniel Townsend of High Point, Fayetteville (NC) second body of work.


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