Avuhkigh Things We Could Do

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Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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girl stop fronting like i ont do u right

u might be lil spoiled cuz i do yuh right

nah u fucking wit me like i ont do u right

u da one i give my life

u da 1 i do 4 yuh

do 4 me

give yuh jewlery

shine like yuh know who is me

i think world getttin a lil swilrly

see u being held from being girly

its been a lil minite since u been my girly

now im thinkin bout girl tell me

me n u in the telly diggin u out

public is what im about

i hit the nigga wit the echo cuz it whats ima about

n i come threw hot like da slouth

bust in your mouth no barrel

n i got this shyt like no tattle

n if u didnt no no snake i dont rattle

but i bring the noise like a rattle

will u hold even if i hear the sound of the gavel

at times i feel low like da gravelu rub on me

dont let me go

im feelin like i dont wanna

so yuh know how it go

so babby dont go

and im feeling 2 rub on u all slow

you cannot stop my grow or my glow

feeling like i in to go

dont be stupiidtho

u look to good 2 be groupie tho



o i b wit u

n im thinking bout things we could do

things we gon

things we gon do

tthinking bout be wit u

things we could do

things we could do


things we could do when its me and you

and i dont want it 2 be just me n u

can plz

can this be free

cuz i just want u knees

i think about me n u all the time

u da one thats all in my mind

u cant get out thats where i want anyway

dont let me find out dat u play

im willin 2 love again trust aiagain fuck aain

n im smoking dubs again

u know how i go

lphebet u know how i roll

n im coming like the goal

like ball 2 the goal

baby dont go

ima get u open ima treAt u like a door

me n sho

on the boat on the flow

you know how my circle we feeling 2 roll

o i b wit u

n im thinking bout things we could do

things we gon

things we gon do

tthinking bout be wit u

things we could do

things we could do


what you hold in that heart girl

im thining not being apart

n this aint no aprat girl

i just be feeling in the dark

like adart girl

that dont make no sense

thats becasue u my light it dont make sense

like tints im on u

i got balls like lint ditch the cornball thoughts

after v come e so its complete my love not short

N THATS A Spelling lesson how my love not short

lemme stick in your ppork like utensil

u know u are the utenil

cuz i eat off your utenscil

i no stencil

i no drawn

go cut the lawn

i gunna give everythiung when i perform

me and together like the grass and the lawn

thats the same thing?


so me and u the samething



growing up look what i become

so young i stunt

strabbeycheese its w.e u want

privacy that pussy i flaunt

i roll a joint then

im off to the court then

see i do what im wanting

i come bak home next thing i know u give me loving

taking off my cloths thats thuggin

now u all up in the spot

i put it in your spot

that shyt look like a spot

n i out it threw that dot yuh feel me

me and u never guilty

give u the real me

thats the old me

thats all me

bitches corny that why they none to me

loook what dey done 2 me

i got more stripes den bumble bee

i remeber bak in the day false love would stumble me

bitch dont crumble plz

put these bitches on they knesses

i do what i plzes

they say the dead aint mighty no zs

yet im cold like u could throw me in your freezer come now

remeber jacoby

now im feeling a little lonly

i was silver now u went gold me

i dont mean plated this is just gold me

n our love be golden bitch im gloden

bitch all in no consoling

blunts i roll like spalding

im out the coufin hoe

smoke so much im coufin hoe

you know that fuckboy online was barking hoe

dont ever get it fucked up like i aint boutta go

you know how im boutta roll

you wanna impress me keep doing shows

lets be the best plz

on jet skis

i ski ski

n i got u we could be be

n he gon be hurt if he thought he see me

u already know how i be be

outta l.a.n.c.c

now they tryna front loike dey want me me

memeber all them times i tried pl plz

all i wanted u was on your kness kness

but u acted like u was 2 good for me me

u be fronting to your family lee

im your family lee

o i b wit u

n im thinking bout things we could do

things we gon

things we gon do

tthinking bout be wit u

things we could do

things we could do


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