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Copyright Holder: Antonio Long
Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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*Song Name "Alone" & Name "Choppayo Is Being Copyrighted* Song Lyrics: Im rockin gucci alone Same color 7/11 I called up the plug & he said he was gone Im guessin he trappin alone I go the trap house, it feels like my home Feel like a farmer, the chickens are gone Wings on my ass, & i feel like a bird Using that scale & i feel like a nerd Im feelin like donald sterling, im so addicted to white, but i cant be lamar , cuz lil nigga im serving Bentley the whip & im swerving Droppin a top & you jealous Droppin a 2 like its candy Keepin a tool like im mandy I stay alone like im sandy Gotta bitch & she smoke with me Couple bands going down on a pint lean I got this weed & i bet she gonna roll for me I feelin like she my clone, we can't leave it alone I put this loud to my dome Codein mixed with flavors, with this sprite, & i feel like a stone I never do it alone I stay with my guys & we rappin for treasure eyes real dark, & i feel like a feather stay on the go,& my battery measures I feel like swizz, i fell inlove with a key All of my chains gone swing ChoppaYo got the power, & im lovin them jeans that stay with some wings Them haters lookin sour, but they cannot just do a thing ... for me... So please Stop blowing up my phone, i can just do it it alone Gotta pipe & it smoke with me Im off this lean & this loud, yall still smokin seeds I got this weed & i bet it gonna do for me Battery full in my zone, i cannot leave it alone

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