Become A Dream Achiever In 4 Steps

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  1. Chapter 1 – Introduction

  2. Part One – Turn Your Creative Dreams Into Realistic Goals.

  3. Chapter 2 – One Simple Technique To Full Fill Your Any Dream

  4. Part Two – Set Your Goal Wisely

  5. Chapter 3 – Write Your Goal Down

  6. Chapter 4 – Step Out of The Comfort Zone

  7. Chapter 5 – Think Wisely Before You chose Your Goal

  8. Chapter 6 – Be Specific

  9. Chapter 7 – Ask Why

  10. Chapter 8 – Visualize Your Goal

  11. Part Three – Make A Plan And Implement That Into Action

  12. Chapter 9 – Strategy

  13. Chapter 10 – Action Plan

  14. Chapter 11 – How Can I Manage My Action Plan?

  15. Chapter 12 – Set SMART Objective

  16. Chapter 13 – Obstacles

  17. Chapter 14 – Set A Deadline

  18. Chapter 15 – Tactics

  19. Chapter 16 – Process

  20. Chapter 17 – Keep Your Goals Visual

  21. Part Four – Develop Your Self

  22. Chapter 18 – Plan Your Day

  23. Chapter 19 – Communication Skill

  24. Chapter 20 – Habits

  25. Chapter 21 – Belief System

  26. Chapter 22 – Final Words

Chapter 1


As a human being, we all have the ability to create any idea and work towards it until we achieve it. You may have seen some people in your life or maybe heard about them, who are naturally good at achieving what they desire in their life. At the same time, you may also know people who couldn’t achieve what they wanted in their life even after a long time struggle.

People who have the natural ability to get what they want; you might say about them that they are lucky that’s how they got everything in their life or you may say they had the opportunity and I don’t, their parents were rich and mine are not so rich, they met the right people and I didn’t find them yet or you may find any excuse to justify your situation you are in right now.

But let me tell you something you may not aware of, they may have all of them what you can think of but above all they knew something that others don’t, they had some knowledge which helped them to get what they wanted.

There would have been a reason, which made you to pick up this book. It may be that you are struggling to achieve what you want, or you may want to find out what needs to be achieved in your life? Or you may know what you want, but you couldn’t figure out how can you get there? Whatever the reason you have behind, picking up this book, one thing I can assure that you will get to know everything about goal achieving by the end of this book.

It’s life skill, once you have learnt and put that into action it will change your life, you can help your friends or family to improve their life, so they can also get the benefit of the knowledge you are going to have. This book will put you ahead from many of those who simply think that you need to be luckyto achieve your dreams.

Do you know why some people have success and others don’t? It’s not because they a have natural ability to attract their goals, but because they have been through the process of setting their goals for achieving them. It may look like they have the natural ability to attract their goals, but they have that knowledge to earn what they want. But the interesting fact is they may not have learned about goal setting and achieving process by picking up a book, but that doesn’t mean that learning process didn’t happen or they haven’t been through the process. They may have picked up the process from watching, what their parents does or their friends does or maybe they been taught by a mentor or from someone they admire the most in their life.

But If you still think that they are just lucky, let’s understand what luck stand for? It’s the combination of preparation and opportunity. When they both meets each other at the same time, we call it a luck. If you saw this happen with one of your friend or the person you may know, you would say he/she is lucky. But you haven’t seen what happens behind the stage, how much they worked harder and prepared themselves to meet this opportunity.

Let me tell you the interesting fact that, once you are prepared opportunities will always come looking for you. Opportunities goes to those who are prepared, and are waiting for them to grab as soon as they show up, not to those who just want to sit around and do nothing! But on the other hand, there may be hundreds of opportunities around you right now, but you won’t see them because you don’t know what are you looking for? Where do you want to take your life in next 2 or 3—year time? And how you are going to get there? If you don’t know where to go, then why would you even bother yourself asking, how to get there? But one thing you know for sure that you don’t want to stay in your life where you are right now otherwise you wouldn’t bother to pick up this book and reading so far.

Either you already know what you want or you don’t know, this book will help you to find out where you can go from here, and how you can get where you want to be in few years’ time or before that, depends on what and when you want to achieve your dream.

The step by step process which you learn in this book, it naturally occurs every time when we try to achieve something either it’s our day to day minor goals or long range bigger goals. Because we have learned the daily routine since we were a child, now when we complete those tasks we don’t even realize that we done through some kind process.

If you remember your childhood memories, you can imagine how challenging it was to learn everything that you have learned as a child. If you don’t remember your childhood memories, then take a look at any growing child around you, since the baby born their parents become his/her mentor to teach how to accomplish different tasks in daily life, such as walking, speaking, taking showers by himself, and hundreds of other daily tasks which we don’t even consider that as a goal anymore because we already have won them and they become part of our comfort zone (you will learn later about comfort zone).

We achieve hundreds of minor goals in our daily life, from waking up till we go back to sleep. Every action that we take is leading us to achieve something regardless of its nature of achievement.

Let me ask you a question, why we go to work? What idea works behind it, in our brain when we go to work? As we all are different from each other, but still one common idea runs in the mind, that if we go to work we will achieve something, either it’s money or prestige or buy a house or may be something else. So before we go to work, we think that what is my purpose to get there? If the purpose is money, then you have the goal to get a specific amount of money by working hard until your paycheck arrives in your hands by the end of the month. It’s a goal that you may achieve every month by going through certain steps and process every time you go to work.

Achieving these kinds of goals have become so habitual that we don’t even consider them as a goal any more because it’s in our habit now. But what happen if you have to think for generating twice or three times more income than you’re earning right now? Then your brain will instantly recognize it as a challenge / goal, you may come up with some kind plan and the process by which you can generate that amount of money.

Once you have successfully achieved that goal and start doing that routine every day, then your brain doesn’t recognize it as a goal anymore because it becomes part of your habit now and you are doing all that work systematically with the subconscious part of your brain.

The process which you will learn in this book is more like a mechanical process which goes through step by step until it reaches its task. The key to master this method is to use it in the right order. No matter how small or big goal you decided to achieve, this system will help you to keep you on the right track in order to reach at your goal successfully.

Please go through step by step process every time you set your goal regardless of short or long term goals. Do not miss any step of the process otherwise it’s much unlikely that this system will work for you. It’s like a chain in the right order if you miss one hook where it belongs to, you will never be able to get to the other end of the chain.

This process is all about doing right things in a right order. If you manage to do things in the right order that you do, I can assure you, no one can stop you to win your desired goal.


  1. 1 Turn Your Creative Dream Into Goal.

  2. 2 Think Before You Chose Your Goal.

  3. 3 Make A Plan And Put That Into Action.

  4. 4 Develop Yourself.

STEP – 1

Turn Your Creative Dreams Into Realistic Goals

Chapter 2

One Simple Technique To Full Fill Your Any Dream

Let’s full fill the dream you wish for

We all have many dreams, and desires that we all want to full fill, but as we all are different so as our desires and dreams are. Someone may have a dream to build a business empire or another may be want to learn music. One may have a dream to have his/her passion job or others may want to travel to their favorite destinations around the world.

Either you have a dream to lose weight or making income two or three times more than what you earning right now. It all can come true and you can take control of your life in your hand, only if you give direction to your dreams and turn them into a goal. Otherwise, no matter how much you dream about that you want, it will remain your dream if you don’t give any specific definition to that dream. As soon as you define your dreams you will transform them from a thin air into possible reality i.e. Goal.

Have you ever seen or heard about any successful person, that as he wakes up from sleep and he became successful? Not at all…Right? Successful people have their own vision and goals of their dreams so they can turn them into reality.

If you have a dream to come true, then it’s more likely that you want to work towards it, to achieve your dream. But unfortunately, dreams cannot be fulfilled unless you turn them into your goals. People who don’t want to turn their dreams into goals, they don’t want to fulfil their dreams either! Because success requires preparation and hard work, you can only work towards your dreams if you know exactly what your vision and goals are.

More importantly, goals provide that opportunity to find out the right direction and working towards dreams. Once you have learned the skill of the goal setting and start putting them into action, you will be able to define your life the way you want!


Set Your Goal Wisely

Chapter 3

Write Your Goal Down!

One of the important phrases that you can understand from this book and you should drill this in your head, before even thinking about, what thought of yours is going to be your goal — ALWAYS WRITE YOUR GOAL. Goals must be in writing without any exception.

Let me share a study with you, which have been conducted by Harvard university in 1979 for graduate students, they ask one of the batch how many of you have set your goals? Out of all the batch 84% had no specific goal at all, and 13% said they have goals but not committed to the paper, only 3% of them had written specific goals.

They decided to run a study on this batch for next ten years, after the period of 10 years they interviews again all of them, guess what? 13% students who have goals were earning twice as much as the 84% who have no goals at all. But more staggering is that the 3 % of people who had written their specific goal were earning 10 times more than average as much as the 97% put together.

A goal without writing is just a wish in the air without energy behind it, it has no power in your life! It’s just another thought which you can dream about but cannot touch in reality unless you turn it into a goal.

You may be amazed that studies show that our mind generates 50,000 — 90,000 thoughts in a single day. Most of them we don’t even remember if it was there by the end of our day. So whatever your goal is going to be, will be one of your thought/idea from your entire day no matter what it is.

Think of, the part of your brain as an email inbox let’s say for example you receive over 50,000 different emails every day, from all over the world, but out of those spam emails you only want to hear from one person that you find most interesting for you. The question is what would you do to avoid losing that important email with the rest of the spam emails? Obviously, you write down its address and add it to your contact list. Also, if you are wise enough you will make a separate label for it, to avoid going it into spam box with the rest of the spam emails.

Similarly, all those over 50,000 thoughts that you receive in your mind every day is much like they are spamming your brain, so if you have anything interesting to work on, then you have to save it from going into spam box of your brain. The only possible thing you can do to avoid losing your important thought is by capturing it on a piece of paper, it’s like giving it a label same as your email, so when next time you receive thoughts relative to your goal, it will ask you to go on to that piece of paper.

Because our brain is constantly generating thoughts every single minute 24/7, it’s almost impossible for any individual to stick to an idea without keeping it separate from the rest of the crowd of thoughts.

Our brain work through a specific system, scientist call it reticular activating system. In simple words, our brain only achieves those tasks, the one stored as important in our subconscious mind.

The human brain works almost similar to a computer; you will only get back that information what you have entered into its database / hard drive. If you familiar with the computer, I hope you are! You may have noticed in the computer if you do the same task again and again (especially in the browser), after clicking it certain numbers of times computer starts to recognize the task as important. After a certain number of clicks whenever you turn on your computer, it highlights that task as a priority, because computer recognized it an important on the basis of its use.

Similarly, when writing your goal and reminding yourself again and again either by rewriting it or reading, you are deliberately sending a message to your subconscious mind that this content is important so keep this highlighted in subconscious mind.

When we write, we use our brain and hands at the same time, it causes’ some kind of neuron activity, it’s called as a neuron motorcycle activity. What this does is, it takes all the specific info when we write, see and focus at the same time, it stores that information in our subconscious mind as important. So the key is to send all the info about your goal into your subconscious mind, so it can help you to achieve your desired goal.

If you repeat it by visualizing (we will understand more in later chapters), then whenever you will think about your goal in the future, part of your brain will delve into your subconscious mind and look for the most important things related to your goal, then it will bring up all the relative information you have entered in your subconscious mind so you can use it.

Our subconscious mind is hyper—hyper intelligent, but it can also sabotage you by bringing up negative thoughts like: — you can’t achieve this goal, you don’t need to write it down as long you know what it is etc. Because of fear of failure, your subconscious mind doesn’t let you write down the goal, that way your mind doesn’t know if you have set up any goal. If you didn’t set up any goal, then there is nothing to achieve, and you can’t fail, it’s one of the many ways how our mind sabotage us, isn’t it clever?

One of the other most important advantages you will get if you have your goal in writing is that you can track your progress easily as it’s visual to you. For some reason, if you lose your track from your goal, it will help you to remind yourself and gives you the clarity of your goal. The only thing you have to do is take that piece of paper from your notebook, read through it… Clear your mind and get back to work for your goal.

So always remember to write down your goal without fail.

Chapter 4

Step Out of The Comfort Zone

One of the common mistake many people make when they setting up their goals that they only set those goals which are limited to their reach. The purpose of setting goals is to achieve those dreams that they wish for, and those dreams are most of the time out of the reach of their comfort zone.

You will learn more about beliefs later, where I have dedicated a full chapter on beliefs, a comfort zone is almost like a bubble of beliefs that is around every one of us. Everything we have, either it’s bad, good or not so good is inside that bubble.

That’s the comfort zone where we live in, either it’s our job, clothes we wear, relations we have or finance we have, is all set by the comfort zone we live in. If you try to step out your comfort zone, your mind will come up with so many different excuses to stop you going out of it, because it feels afraid to go out that zone.

Let’s say if you ask someone why don’t you want to be rich? He may come up with an answer says, all the rich people are evil, and I don’t want to become evil. But the fact is that’s not true for every rich person, you may have heard about hundreds of people around the world, they are doing incredible charity work for people who are in need, building schools, providing them clean water, spending money on finding cures for diseases etc. People come up with the excuse because they feel uncomfortable when they try to do something out of their comfort zone. This belief bubble is stopping most of us to step out and achieve our dreams.

Most of the time we know, what could we have better if we just step out from where we are, but that bubble doesn’t allow us. That’s where most people make a mistake when setting their goals, as soon as they feel uncomfortable they change the definition of their goal, and shrink it into what they feel comfortable doing. They judge their present circumstances to set their goal limits, so even when they achieve their goal, they don’t step out from their comfort level, which does not allow them to grow as a result their happiness starts stalling once again.

So when setting your goal never allow your present circumstance to judge its limit, even you should set your goal that stretch you a little bit, which makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is not bad, it’s a good thing, it means that you are growing out of your comfort zone!

Do you know how lobster grows? It’s a sea animal which grows in a ridged shell, as it grows that shell becomes confined and the lobster starts to feel under pressure and uncomfortable. Then it goes under the rock to protect his self from predatory fish, he sheds the shell and comes out of it, as the lobster continues to grow, he repeats the process numerous times in his lifetime. Similarly, if we don’t step out of our comfort zone, we would never be able to grow, feeling uncomfortable is a signal of coming out our shell!

So never allow your past or present to set the limits of your goal, always go for something big that you always want to achieve somewhere deep in your heart.

Chapter 5

Think Wisely Before You chose Your Goal

A wise man once said, Think deeper it will make you wiser, think wiser it will make you smarter, and think before you act. I believe there is a huge difference in the way successful people and unsuccessful people think. As a Human being, we have the privilege of having the most powerful ability to think out of the rest of the species. Success itself is not some kind of mystery, it’s just how we use our psychology. An interesting fact is that it’s our thinking that determines if we are going to be successful or unsuccessful in our goal.

Most people work hard, but they don’t think hard, unfortunately, only a few people use this thinking ability in a correct manner in order to get success in the goals. Thinking wisely before you choose your goal, is the vital step which will set you apart from most of the people. It’s a small step, but at the same time, it’s the most important step, as it will lead you to set the goal that you want to achieve.

Think carefully when you are approaching something new, think before you chose your goal. Ask the following three questions to yourself every time before you chose your goal in any area of your life: —

1) what do I want to achieve?

2) what it will lead me to?

3) would I be happy with the consequences of this goal?

Let me explain you, why you need to ask these questions before you set any goal in your life. Well, it’s a huge psychology behind asking these questions, by asking these three questions you will be able to filter out, what is your exact real goal out of 50,000 thoughts you have every day.

If you manage to answer all these questions, you will find that you have filtered out what you really want in that specific area of your life and how it may affect your life both in a positive way and negative way. When you know the consequences you would not do anything which gives you negative effect in your life. In that way, you can easily stay on positive track and keep doing more positive things in your life.

You can choose any area of your life that you want to improve or maybe you already have a specific dream that you want to full fill, but here is a list of six areas of life that you can choose from: —

1) Spiritual

2) Health

3) Relationship

4) Career

5) Business

6) Financial

It may happen that you don’t know at all what area you need to work on, don’t worry, you are not alone this book will help you to find the answers to all your possible questions, regarding goal achieving.

Let’s take a look at a life wheel, all you have to do is score from 0 to 10 for each area of your life from the list, or you can add more specific areas to this life wheel. Where 0 means you haven’t done anything in that area and 10 means extremely good.

Life wheel

life wheel

Take a look at all the areas of your life from the list and rate yourself where do you stand in each area. Find out which area of your life has the lowest rating and which one have the highest, this way you will come to know which areas of your life needs your attention or may some needs serious attention! Give yourself some time and think, what do you want to achieve in that particular area of your life, either it’s health, career or any other. It gives you great insight how you are doing in that area, it will also help you to bring many more goals in that particular area of your life once you have achieved initial ones. You can also prioritize these areas based on the importance you have in your life or importance you give them. It could be different for you, but for me it would be like this: —

1) Inner peace / spiritual – as a fact if the mind and the spirit are not at peace, then no matter what, we will never be able to achieve anything in life. Even if we achieve other things and not the inner peace, then it won’t even much worth having them. So you can keep this your priority number one.

2) Health – our body is the most important tool that we have, that we are going to use to win different goals in our life. If health is not at its best then it will be hard to do all the required work for our goal. So you should have this as your highest priority at all times.

3) Relationship – take a look at your relationships with people you have in your life, how you behave with them, how you treat them in your daily life. Includes your family / friends / relation with your partner / children and people around you. If you have better relations with people, then more opportunity will show up through those people. Better the relation with people the better chances of success you will have in your life.

4) Career / skills – it’s important that you continue to grow in your career, take a look at how good you are in your career? If not, then think what else you can do instead of what you are doing right now. What extra value can you bring to yourself, to get paid twice as now? Bring those values to yourself with the help of new knowledge to do better things in your field.

5) Business – your business may be same as your career, or maybe you haven’t thought of doing something in this field. After all those years working in your profession, you may consider having your own business. Give yourself some time and think what you can do in order to do better in your business or if you haven’t started any business yet, then think how can you start your own business.

6) Financial goal – you may have wondered why the financial goal is at the last! Here is an interesting fact about the money, you cannot earn more money with the value (skill, knowledge) you already have right now, if you want to earn more money then you have to become more valuable, either its by learning new skills or accruing knowledge.

Let’s say if you have a certain skill value which pays you $7000 a month, then you will only be able to attract $7000 and not anymore. On the other hand, if you have learned the new skill, through which you can provide more value to your company, then you attract more money than what you are now attracting!

The key to attracting the amount of money you want is to become that valuable person! your skill is a value, health is the value, and most importantly, how much value you give to other people is what makes you more valuable along with other factors.

You have to become that kind of person, the kind of wealth you want to have in your life.

Chapter 6

Be Specific

Clarity is power, the clear and precise you are, the more focus you would have on your desired goal. Make a clear decision about your goal, if you have a very specific goal, it’s much easier for you to achieve it. But if you keep looking at every new idea that pops up in your head, then chances are that at some point you will end up with no goal at all. Because you haven’t been specific about what you want, one day you wake up and might say, I don’t feel like I have accomplished what’s meaningful to me.

Let’s say for example, if you decided to take a flight for your holidays in some foreign land, wouldn’t you demand what exact destination your flight is going to land, what exact name of the city is, what hotel are you going to stay or if you staying with your friends, you would ask for their exact address? You will possibly look for very specific and clear information regarding where you are going.

Similarly, if you decide to achieve something in your life, how would you know what exactly the achievement is? How would you know you have achieved a certain goal in life? Without being aware of, what exactly it is? Think about it……!

Your goals must be clear and precise. Elbert Einstein once said, your goals must be so clear that it can be understood by the six—year—old child, if you can’t explain it to a six—year—old child, you don’t understand it yourself. You need to be very precise about what your goals are.

Let’s say for example if you decided to choose your goal to become rich, then be precise about it. How much money do you want to earn to be considered yourself as a rich? Or if you set a goal to lose weight, then be specific about how many stones you want to lose? Be specific and precise about your goal that you want to achieve. Knowing exactly and precisely what you want to achieve will put you further ahead from the rest of the crowd who don’t have specific goals at all.

There’s an interesting fact that most people don’t know about, that what is the difference between fantasy and goal? Any goal remains a fantasy until you define its specification for example, becoming rich is a fantasy, while defining the precise amount of money you want to earn is a goal. It’s a simple thing to understand, but most of us trapped in the fantasy world because they don’t aware of it.

Be precise and clear as possible, if you have a clearer and a specific goal, it’s easier to focus on them. The more focus you have, the more chances of success you will have to accomplish your goal.

You should add this one mantra of success to your arsenal be clear, be specific, be focused.

Chapter 7

Ask Why

You probably have heard the story of Aron Ralston, who was climbing in the blue john canyon, Utah in USA when a giant rock shifted under his feet and he fell pinning his right arm to the canyon wall, he was stuck and worst he hadn’t told anyone where he was going! For the next 5 days, Aron tries to move and chip away the rock. He ate his remaining food, drank the last of his water, eventually he drank his own urine and started videotaping his last goodbyes.

Then something happened, Aron had a dream he saw himself a father picking up his son, with that vision his overpowering will to survive kicked in, he broke his arm bones, cut down his own arm and freed himself.

He did what he needed to do in his situation. But the motivation behind which freed himself, was generated by his own mind when he felt the need and desire to live, reuniting with his family. He had very strong reasons and desire to did that, he had the biggest why to do all that what he did to survive!

So when we do certain things, we do it for some reason. For example, why we eat food? To nourish our body, to get energy! Or why we drink water? To recover from dehydration! Similarly, if you want to achieve your goal, you need strong reasons behind it. If there is no reason to achieve then you wouldn’t even think of that goal! So if you have something to achieve, then you have some reasons for that too, following questions will help you to find out what reasons you have behind your goal: —

1) why do I want to achieve this goal?

2) why this is must for me to achieve?

Try to find as many answers as you can to the above questions and keep asking these questions to yourself, until you find answers for them. There is no right or wrong answer to those questions. The purpose of asking those questions to yourself is, to find out that reason which is going to drive you towards your goal. The stronger needs or desires you have to achieve your goal, the more likely you are going to achieve it.

As by famous psychologist, Abraham Harold Maslow, our needs or desires are directly connected to our motivation. Our needs and desire empower our motivation. Needs and desires are much more like fuel in a car, if there is no fuel, no matter how many times you turn the key to making it start or how good your driving skills are, the car won’t start up as there is no fuel!

By asking why to yourself, you are generating enough motivational fuel for yourself in order to reach your goal.

Find strong reasons as much as you can, to drive yourself from the current situation to where you want to be.

Chapter 8

Visualize Your Goal

You probably have heard the phrase Be careful what you wish for when we wish for something that we want, we visualize its mental picture in our mind. Visualization the thoughts have amazing power behind them, it’s much more like a sail on a boat, the way one can set the sail, it sets the direction of the boat, similarly any thought that you may visualize will lead the direction of the goal.

This visualization of the accomplished goal is the final step of the goal setting process, it’s like fantasies about that goal, that you have accomplished it. Projecting imagination is the real power of your subconscious mind, it can change your life if you use it in the right way.

You would be amazed how powerful is visualizing certain thoughts! Some of the studies show that imagination helped in recovering stroke patients in their leg and hand performance, who have suffered from a long period of time.

Here is the interesting fact, that our mind works through RAS, this reticular activating system works as a filter against all the data that’s around us. In simple words, it’s a gatekeeper of our conscious mind, whose job is to send only important info to the conscious mind from the subconscious mind, so we can perform normal activities. Otherwise, if the conscious mind has to perform all the data that subconscious mind receive, could have short circuit the brain! As our subconscious mind receives 40 million bits of information per second where conscious have the potential of only 40 bits per second!!

But you may want to know how does RAS knows what is important? It works in a really simple way; our subconscious mind registers the information as an importantthrough RAS by what we mostly focus on. So when you deliberately visualize your goal by focusing on it, you are sending the message to your subconscious that this piece of information is important. Which allows your subconscious to help you bring those mental pictures to your conscious again and again, so you can work on them.

So all you need to do is project your imagination and see what it will look like and feel like if you accomplish your goal. The longer you hold that mental pictures of your goal, the more it will suppress in your subconscious brain and more rapidly it will express itself. Also, if you are emotionally attached to your goal, it will give it the intense power to change it into reality.

But it does not mean that you stop working towards your goal. What these visualizations do is that they reprogram our subconscious to make our conscious mind do things it wasn’t doing before. So your subconscious mind will pass the info to your conscious mind to do certain NECESSARY things in order to achieve your goal.

But Keep in mind, taking action on that thought or let the that thoughts slide away is entirely up to you. You have to understand nothing will happen until you take action toward your goal. It’s a science, how our mind and body works.

If you wish to see the result in reality, then you have to take action in real!!


Develop A Plan And Implement It Into Action

Chapter 9


You may have read Alice in wonderland well, it’s one of my favorite stories. There’s an exchange between Alice and the Cheshire cat which is as follows: —

Alice: I was wondering if you can help me find my way

Cheshire cat: well that depends on where you want to go.

Alice: oh, it really doesn’t matter, as long as…

Cheshire cat: then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.

That’s kind of the approach most people take to achieve their goal. Most of us know that we want something to get accomplished, but it really doesn’t matter to us how we get there. But that’s where the problem happens and that’s where things fall short. So whether you are going to achieve short term or long term goals, both of them generate the need for a strategy.

If you want to achieve something either it’s big or small, you need preparation! You probably familiar with the phrase success requires hard work. But the real power is not in the hard work, it’s how you do that hard work. If only hard work could do everything, then all the great kings in mankind’s history have never been used strategies, to win what they have won in their lifetime.

Many of us don’t understand what strategy is and why do we need it? How possibly can we set up our own strategy that suits us? Well, I am going to walk you through all these questions that you may have in your mind.

What Is The Strategy?

There could be so many different ways to describe what strategy is, but basically it’s a solution to the problem you have. So your strategy is providing the solution to you that how you can reach your desired goal. Let’s say if you have a specific goal to earn $700,000 any plan that you make to earn that amount of money is a strategy, it could be running a restaurant or running an online business or could be anything else that provide the solution to earn that amount of money. You need to come up with some kind of idea by which you can win over that challenge, it’s the art of planning how you going to win your overall goal.

Why Do We Need A Strategy?

The strategy is not something that you have to invent, it’s in nature, you only have to look for it. Think of when you make a cup of tea for yourself, or cook burger for yourself, or take a shower…How do you do all that? Those are all challenges that you may accomplish every single day.

You may remember how you come to know about winning all those small goals in your daily life. When you were a child, someone from your family or friend has taught you how you can overcome those daily challenges. They possibly come up with the solution of each challenge and said to you you can make a tea by boiling water, adding tea bag, some sugar, and some milk if you likeand of course it would the different solution for different challenges.

Now this whole process in above example is an idea that leads you to make a cup of tea. Here is a question for you, how would you be able to make that cup of tea by yourself, if you do not have that idea or knowledge? Because it became our second nature to win small goals every day, now we don’t even realize if we are using any strategies to win those challenges.

Most people think they have to develop their own strategy in order to win their goal. But any goal that you are going to set to achieve is either already been achieved by someone else or someone else already close to winning that goal. But let me congratulate you if you are inventing something new for the world!

You don’t have to develop your own strategy, but you have to have some kind of a strategy that how you are going to achieve your goal. You can learn the strategy from your role model in your life, could be from your friend, could be your mentor or from online.

It’s an idea which you can learn from others and then tweak it relative to your goal. But either you want to come up with an innovative idea or you want to tweak someone’s idea, you have to set it the way it suits you.

How To Set A Strategy That Suits My Needs?

Setting up strategy is the key part of how you are going to achieve your goal. It’s vital that you should know how you can set up strategy effectively for your goal. The idea of having a strategy is to control the event and not get into the mess.

As a rule, of thumb, there is no right or wrong way of setting up a strategy. But your strategy should ensure your victory towards your goal, the steps I am going to share with you is the effective way of setting up the strategy to ensure your victory that you are after.

1) Identify the challenge — it’s crucial that you understand what your goal is about. Measure the strength the of your challenge, the bigger the goal is the more effective strategy you need. You can easily measure the strength of your goal by looking at your own current position compared to the goal. It would be different from one person to another for the same goal. Let’s say for example if you have a goal to achieve 1000—meter sprint under 2.15 seconds, the strength of the same goal would be different for a beginner compare to the one whose own record is 2.25 seconds.

2) Positioning— you have to figure out, what is your current position relative to your goal. Your goal could be regarding your health, it could be a financial goal, it could be regarding your relationship or could be regarding your career or anything that you want to achieve. Figure out, where do you stand in that area of your goal. You can use the life wheel technique to evaluate your current position, regarding your goal.

3) Know your strength — look for the capabilities / strengths that you already have, to overcome your challenge. It’s also known as knowing yourself, it is the key element of setting up the strategy. As it will define you against your goal, and gives you clear vision what you are good at. It could be anything your physical or mental strength, your skills etc. Write down you’re all the strength you think you have, including any minor or which you may think is not important but is your strength.

4)Identify your weakness — Its bit harsh part, but think of all the weakness you have, once you come up with all the weakness you have. Write them down on the piece of paper. Look at all the weaknesses and find out which are, the bigger and the smaller among them. Prioritize them in the ascending order and writing down their priority numbers exactly opposite to them. Once you have them all prioritize, look for the smallest one to begin with and then move on to the next one by one towards the hardest one, in order to fix them.

5) Identify What you cannot do? Or you should not do? — One of the technique to filter out the what solution you have for your challenge is to bring up all those factors that you cannot do or you should not do and eliminate them from your strategy. Let’s say for example your goal is to earn $100,000. The key points fall in this category could be, you should not steal money to accomplish your goal! Or you cannot achieve this within 1 week or if your animal lover it could be, you cannot achieve this by killing and selling animals, or you should not be part of any third party who hurts animals.

Or if you are making some kind of product, then it could be you cannot meet the requirement of certain kinds of people, or you should not meet the requirement of certain kinds of people. Let’s say if your product is for losing weight, it will not be applicable for the people who are already slim or underweight. Bring those elements up which you think is your principal / values are, that you cannot or should not do / compromise in the journey of achieving your goal. Remember, strategy is not a compromise it’s the clear and precise solution for your challenge.

6) Identify the risk — look for the possible risk that you might have while on the go, to achieve your goal. For example, if you have the goal to beat the time of your own previous record in your favorite sport, look for the risk you might face all along the way. It could be a high level of dehydration, or you might face any possible injury etc. Write down all the possible risk you think you may face.

7) Find solution for those risks — as soon as you find out what possible risk you may have, it’s vital that you should come up with the solution/ backup. How will you address them when they will occur, what alternatives you can do, so you can continue working for your goal Or from the above example of injury, how would you recover from it, what price you have to pay financially, physically and emotionally or what you can do to keep yourself on track while recovering etc. Write down in front of each risk, with all the possible ways that you can address each of them.

Based on above guideline now you are ready to set up your strategy for your chosen goal. But do not finalize your strategy yet, mark it up to now as a pre—strategy, there is one more step. After that, you might need to tweak your strategy and then you can finalize it as your strategy.

8) Obstacles – think of obstacles as hurdles that you have to go through to achieve your goal. One of the big reason behind that you haven’t reached your goal yet, that something is between you and your goal. To find out what obstacles are between you and your goal ask these two questions to yourself—

a) What is that one key reason which is holding me back from achieving my goal? Once you first find out the first key reason, then look for the next key reason that is holding you back by asking the same question to yourself and so on, until you lay down all the reasons that are holding you back on the piece of paper.

b) what are the possible obstacles I have between me and my goal, based on my strategy? Please refer to the separate chapter of obstacles for details.

As now you have identified your obstacles based on your pre—strategy and find the possible solution for them. You can tweak your strategy if you need to, according to your needs and then finalize it. Now you have your strategy in your hands, reward yourself for coming up with a solution to your challenge. Don’t jump straight into making an action plan, take a break, give some time to relax to your brain for at least few hrs. When you are ready, go ahead for creating an action plan.

Chapter 10

Action Plan

Think of the action plan as if you are going to plan a road trip for your holidays, you have already figured out how you are going to get there in your strategy. But as it’s a long journey you might need to take extra precautions and stop a few times on your road trip for food, for filling up fuel or stretching your legs etc., So you can reach your goal faster, safely and easily. Similarly, to reach your goal, you need to find out what are the small steps you should take to make it easier and enjoyable journey. Having a clear action plan is like a precise instruction from a GPS when traveling to the new place. The smaller the action steps are, the easier it is to achieve something.

The action plan is a collection of small steps (objectives) in a right order, that are essential to bring life to your strategy you came up with. Focus on your strategy and your goal and think what are the essential steps that you have to take to get there and write them down?

Here is the step by step process that will help you to make your action plan in the right order: —

Important – Your action steps should meet the guideline of SMART objectives. I have dedicated the separate chapter on this, please read that too.

1) Focus – focus on what do you want as an outcome, of course, you want to achieve your goal. But it’s necessary to clear and remind yourself about what specific outcome you want.

2) Write down each step — write down each of the absolute specific actions that you think, you need to take to achieve your goal. when writing down your action steps, neither judge nor analyze those steps.

3) Filter out – as you may have found many steps to reach the goal. Filter out all the big /major steps from the rest of the steps, and Crunch it down to the smallest number of action steps that you need to take to reach your goal.

4) Prioritize your action steps – as you have filtered out all the major steps, now prioritize them in the ascending order. When prioritizing them ask the following question to yourself: — what is the most important first step I need to take to achieve my desired outcome. As you find an answer to the question…. Write down its priority number opposite to that action step. Now look for the next important step that you need take, by using the same technique and so on until you reach the final step.

5) Evaluate the time – evaluate the time, that will need to complete each objective. Certain steps may need more lead time than others. As you evaluate the time, write down the amount of time exactly opposite to each prioritized step.

6) Set your action steps on the timeline – to keep it simple and organized, lay down the prioritized action steps you have on the timeline, to draw a timeline, write a letter A on one side and B on the other side of the piece of paper. Draw a line from point A joining to point B. Now write down your 1st essential action step next to A and then 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on until you have done with your steps.


7) What comes in a way – look for all the challenges for each step (objective), that might come in your way. It may be the same obstacles that you have written down in strategy or maybe different. You know yourself and you know what can get in the way, for me, I have done, the number of goals over the year one the thing gets in my way is just pure forgetting. So there could be a tendency to forget or self—doubt, get stuck, procrastination, lack of support or lack of motivation etc.

8) Look for the solution for step 7 – as you have identified what may come in your way, look for the solutions to those challenges, think about what you can do to avoid them or how can you minimize those challenges.

Now you have your action plan ready, but have you considered that you also should know about, managing the action plan all along the way? Don’t lose your heart if not because your help is on its way in the next section.

Tip— Remember the key to becoming successful once more is to take action.

Chapter 11

How Can I Manage My Action Plan?

Maybe you are familiar with the story of Phillippe petit, who is a French guy who decided in 1974, that he is going to climb and take a high—wire walk between the twin towers of the world trade center in the USA. After several years of planning, somehow he managed to install a wire going from one tower to another. It was amazing how literally, he makes 8 passes along the wire for 45 minutes. He went from one tower to another unassisted with no harness in the middle of New York.

When he was asked, why he did it? He simply answered because it could be done, because it was there to do More importantly, when he was interviewed, he was asked well…. You were literally on the edge of death at every step, how did you do it? He answered…. One step at a time!

Each step he took was a conscious step. He added all he was thinking all that time was, how I can make my next step safely as balanced as possible. He manages all his high—wire walk by managing his one step at a time. Similarly, managing the whole walk of the action plan is also possible by managing one step at a time. This is the key to managing your action plan, by managing one objective at a time!

Lots of people think that they need software to manage their action plan. Yes, a lot of time people (especially big companies) do use software tools to get help. But that’s not always the case, especially when it’s your personal goal, not the big companies. All you need to do is concentrate and focus on your action steps (objective) not on the software!

Each major step of your action plan is an objective, you need to accomplish each of them in order to reach your overall goal. Within each objective, there are some tasks that you do or pieces of work that you will do to win the objective. All these collections of a different kind of tasks / work, that you will find to do within each objective is known as a project.

So basically you are managing all those collections of small tasks to complete the project, and as soon as you finish all the work, you have hit your objective.

In any of the project, there are 5 different phases of work that need to be done, in order to complete the project.

1) Beginning – Why

2) Planning – What, Who, When, How

3) Take Action

4) Close – Celebrate Your Victory

5) Review Your Actions


Most people spend the least amount of time in this area and because of that it bites them later on. If you don’t understand why you are doing this project, you may not really understand what you want to accomplish. You need to understand why you are doing this particular project. You don’t need to spend months to understand this, but you have to understand if you are doing the right project and if it will be lead you to what you want to accomplish? It’s kind of approving yourself that you are doing the right thing in order to accomplish your objective. Asking Why will help you to begin your project on the right track and in the direction where you want to go.

Once you understand whyand you approve it, that is the right project in your action plan, now you need to be more specific as possible and i.e. Planning.


How can I plan my project?

when you begin to plan, you need to look for 4 key questions. Ask yourself following questions, and try to be as specific as you can when you look for answers to them: —

a) What – what do I need to do in this project?

b) Who – who is involved in this project?

c) When – when to do certain tasks? When do the resources need to be involved? It could be money, people etc.

d) How – how I am going to do this?

What – first of all you need to look for all those tasks that need to be done in this project. You can use the brain dump and the mapping out technique, to find out what tasks / things need to be done:—

Brain dump – Post—it (sticky notes) are the best tool, you can use for this, but if you don’t have any you can also use the piece of paper or simply write down on a white board. Personally sticky notes are my favorite when doing the brain dump technique, write down all the different tasks on each of the sticky notes, that you think they need to be done to complete your project. As you finish writing them down, then stick those written sticky notes on your wall or stick them on your whiteboard. Now you have all of them on your wall where you can see, what are the things needs to be done to complete your project.

As you have them all on your wall, try to divide them in their relevant group by following the mapping out technique: —

Mapping out – take a good look at all the written sticky notes that you have on your wall, and try to divide them into certain groups. As you see and read those notes try to figure out what major group they have. You will find some tasks that will fall under certain groups as you find those groups, move the rest of the sticky notes under the groups they belong to. Let’s say for example if you have project of building a house, you will find different major groups of work, like woodwork, some steel work or electrical work etc. Which means you move all the wood related tasks under the woodwork group, so as the steel related tasks would go under steel group and so on to the rest of the group.

Now you have the clear vision of different kind work needs to be done under different groups they related to. Once you understand what you need to do to get to your objective, now you need to figure out, who is going to help you in your project.

Who – one of the important parts of your project is that you should aware of who is going to help you in your project. Or maybe there would be some people who may get affected from your work, or they could impact your work. You can divide all those people between two categories i.e. Associates and team: —

Associates – Anybody, who could impact your project or would be impacted by your project would be your associates. They may have the direct link to you or may not, but you need to understand who are those people? Why are they involved in your project? What influence could they have on you and on your work? Let’s say for example if you borrowed your funds from a bank, then the bank is your associates and they may have a huge impact on your work as they control your funds.

Team – People who are willing to help you in your project, either directly or indirectly would be part of your team. It could be your family, friends, your staff or it could be someone who helps you even once. For instance, you may need certain advice on your project for once only, and you may not see this person again, but still that person is helping you to get your work done. So you should consider him/her as a member of your team too.

Part of your project is to look for those people who possibly can help you to complete your project and also you should be aware of who your associates are, that can impact on what you do!

So far you would have discovered what needs to be done, and who is going to help you to get the work done, now let’s find out when tasks can be done.

When— in order to look for when certain tasks can be done, you need to prioritize all those tasks in an order of what needs to be done before than others. Have a look at your notes that you have on your w

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