Avuhkigh I Gimmie Mines

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Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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so real like
u get get killed like
you a lil dike
fuckboy fuckgirl im 4 real like
im 4real like
peddle like a bike
i have u bitches peddle on a bike
i be on the road
fucking hoe
on a show
u know how i go
like boat u know how i roll o
fuckboy let his pussy get taken
cuz im 2 real i leave his heart vancant m.f
crying and wondering what im saying m.f
displayed the realest of the fleash
how i gottra get it
neva tolerant
its u like the s.u.n but im hotter than
n if i come around yall niggaz better be dogin and
me and mines we wiling
kidnap your child and
its not attention
i mean its all for attention
did i forget 2 mention
i dont give in
like infinite supsension bitch

when i blast this thing its cuz i want fun
and i gimmie mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines

fuck these pussy clowns who they dissing and touching
i am nothing nah u is nothing u know u seen me coming
now u moving 4 me
u dont want the taste of that blood in your mouth
u fuckboy u know im coming around
at the speed of sound
its me right now
yalll niggaz got me blistering right now
u know im sick wit it right now
like hard minerals break u down
u get lost n never found
when im in it
u dealing wit m.a.n not child
bitches in denying
its my turn
my burn is modern boy
the burn of the barrel is modern boy
no killa fronting
i kill u like i wasnt fronting cuz im not
im 2 hot bitch
fuck around get kilt when thats my bitch
u ont want this beef to come around like a side dish
im deeper than fish lure
u go where fish go
them shots let go like boats on rows
ima super star doing shows
yuh nothing 2 me like the ski mask that i own
i perform on that girl
i move my d around like hulahoops in that girl
so yuh know u donre got my left over girl

when i blast this thing its cuz i want fun
and i gimmie mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines

the best nigga in this shyt
you the lesser nigga in this shyt
my picture bigger like seeing the sceenary around the shyt which is me im that
from what im told im bold like chi raq
n i want war like iraq
i pack like back bitch
thats because you ont know how 2 act bitch
use a bitch nigga u must be actress
i got these pussy niggaz doing backflips
when that uzi i meant opps i let that mac slip
yall bitches aint no about this shyt
my niggaz kill for me
and its was me i got a record deal for me

when i blast this thing its cuz i want fun
and i gimmie mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i gimmies mines
i i i gimmies mines

just cuz niggaz is fake aint gon stop me from being real

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hip hop rap

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