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Copyright Category: Music
Type of Work: Musical
Copyright Holder: Julius Young Jr.
Website: https://soundcloud.com/jyoung-177106318/paid
Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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written by Julius Young Jr. Kevin Bradley and Hasani Viavia Performed by J. Young Kevin Bradley and Rollin Rich Produced and Engineered By Kevin Bradley


J Young, KB, & the lil homie Rollin Rich

Verse One

The new west side connection cross no intersection

 I’m trynna live the way I wanna, I do this for my momma and my sister’s

trynna make it bigger than these other niggas flipping fingers like fuck my baby mama,

 Why she always starting drama when I was doing time for doing time for doing crime she was om my line wasting time,

Bitch you gone make me lose my mind my father’s gone so I was sitting back at home grinding by my own,

 Teaching my younger sibling’s right from wrong like baby leave these niggas lonely,

Cause they really ain’t yo homie’s half these niggas phoney

I gotta goal you can feel it through my lyrics in this song,

Spit the tone then keep it going shawtey like the way I’m flowing she wanna get laid,

 I wanna paid,

 New ways mixed with old days tell me how you feelin when it’s hard to say

We not diamond spade we diamond coast rollin


Times is tough, man I just wanna get paid, So…

Hit the studio and make hits all day. And…

Release ‘em for the whole world to play .

And as we ride and we blaze, I think about gettin’ paid. Yea

Verse Two

Look.... I'm just lookin for my come up, from sunrise to sun up,

got that act right, if any nigga wanna run up,

I promise u will get dun up, nigga put chya gun up,

This ain't a game aint no extra lives nigga no one ups,

All I wanna do is make it big and always keep it real,

my eyes on the prize wit my hand on my steel

Nigga, I'm just livin life for my family, a broke ass nigga i will never be,

Look out its Diamond Coast invading the fuckin industry,

Man I'm just tryna make history,

like Obama, make the world pause like a comma,

in the studio avoidin petty nigga drama,

lyrically droppin bombs like Osama, givin out lessons like dahli lama,

whoopin dat ass like the one u got from ya big mama

Until then I'm just chasin dollas, when I get there nigga ima Holla!!!


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