Avuhkigh The Realest

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Type of Work: Musical
Copyright Holder: Andrew Justin Martinez
Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
Date Added to Copyright Register: 15-Jan-2016 05:03
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let me messa round
throw a messa round
what the mecca found m.f
ima verb u similar to noun
.when u get found
that means u stiff dead like noun
im like noun im that shyt u cant found
like air when u drown
that bitch she get the dick she get pound
no fingers involved
just d game
its me mang
u no m.e mang
like me mang
murder music
n these niggaz jacking style
im left wonder 2 wonder like whos it
got me heated like when u runnin the shoeses
cloges catch the blueses
im from the wild
that means jugle
im wild like the nile that means i never fumble
u just a broken funnel i dont need
i lagh n watch u bleed
thats wat u get 4 tryna step on me
i got stripes like referee
undeafeated im what u cant defeat
to my enemy
thats that girl
u is transgender what u fliping to girl shyt bitch
u know who i am
u is just a nothng in my realm
u is at the end of my plan
im ill like stan
u aint never did noithing in my relm like blam
expect 4 disrespect
now i see r.i.p
thats the payment that mean check
u on the pavement leave u wreaked
hardbody shyt
fuck boys mega tolerant
im that boy almighty
met defeat tryna fight me
im the one bitch im the one hoe
she just a little thot she just wanna cum yo
i come wit murder toys
u just like food the one i serve em boy
but im not waitin like waiter
i just hit u 2 take her
2 destroy your flavor
i dont play no ground
that mrans i fly cuz im fly n u just sink down
like soap water when it go down m.f
you had a crowd cheering for u now all they frowns
im the one hoe
im the one bitch m.f
single life woah
matter fact im bout dat mingle life woah
give the dick have the girl like woah
drama life
bout that lama life
uh conquer life
uh they dont fuck wit my face
cuz i conquer life uh
wtf dey talking bout
i will walk it out
the results left wit chalk around
i do what i want yall just on the talking route
these bitches aint nada that equals nada
dont fuck wit me boy u is nada
yall bitch on the talking route
victory i keep on goinig
the drama it keep exploding in the hood
where im like angel becasue im good m.f
yes kids on this world
cuz i fuck this world n life is good opps
i meant life is bad
like apple from the rotten apple
redbeam target the adam apple
i dap u cuz u got problems like fad
enemys getting poppped like snapple cap
cuz they was bad
so much drama it made me mad
they trash thats why they glad m.f
she picked me up for pipe again
hood adventures risked my life again
yall niggaz are no thing
im dogin the cops
like no thing
fucking your babaym mom cuz
she exposing her thong
fuck what these niggaz want
im on like the blood in my bone when i bone
these niggaz hating on the blood in my bone damn
they not fam
so i treat em harshly
ride like harly
sip barcady
yall niggaz salty
im never faulty
i hit u from jump like starting
green lights have these bitchees starting
ducthes get passed like spalding
that was my engine starting
come around around here like starting
smoke so much im cougfin
out a lung
like surgery ugh
thats blood out of me
i gotta docter and nurse outta me
rolling like u still here
u here still
i shut that down
because im bak round
like backs around
thats duck duck goose shyt
u better duck duck or shoot or shoot shyt
cuz im the better one
the clever one
n if u aint know i dont back down
like the up forever one
your bitch look at u vs me n frown
cuz im the better one
im clever one
u is da type i put down the shredder don
thats how i do in niggaz i dont feel
cuz im grounded
yall like seal
so yall better chill like chill
for the steel get aquainted wit yo girll
no chill
turn down
bitch im up like 911 steel
sipping on 911 steel
fuck u talking bout
im rearranging
this not for entetainment
this my enetertainment
like gamin
im pursuing cakein
like the bakery
i leave them pussys stainin
like pussy when im horny and i leave it laying
need sales yall bitches is 2 frail
im so hard i go in like a germ and leave it stail
i got more circles than hail
and i get down like the mail in the box
they heart beat fear cuz its shocked
leave bitches like all static they shocked
i will prevail like sex
u niggaz not
when its finished n creampie is out
fuck boys know what im about
like verb
like fork
put that barrle in your mouth
like pork
thats for running around
ima kill your dog wit that barking shyt
that means bullets threw cartledge shyt
all that talking shyt
dumb fuck everybudy no im wat u wish 2 be about
dragon balls take a wish for u 2 be about
me check the season out
cheack the seen out
u dont get in where i fit in
like the cloth
its more than that u not worthy 2 sip out my broth
im so hot im on a new fan
the last one burnt out
like your robot mouth
i aint have 2 give 2 nobody
but in wisdom i gave credit 2 somebody thats not a nobody
thats invisable body for yo nigga
u know who im talking bout
have u scared walkin around
cuz u feel that im around
like rooms
thats presense
for you to be consumed
by the room of torture
by the room in my instestines
even tho im the shyt
u be runnin not jogin in place
when your bodys found
like sun in the morning
all i got is hate
in my eyes
like make u lose your place
for god sakes
i show ownership over my place
this not disqueise
i hear tuff talk and dress
but i see threw u diquese
this that real of mine
ur lies
n ur illusion
now i have u so scare
cuz u just illuisiuon
u cant do the things im doing
o bitch
u jeoilsus
huh wish u could have that girl like mine
ur jeoilous behaviors
dont put me on your jelous stages
this not lvl 2 lvl 1 im not gamin
stop making bullshyt up that im hellish boy
see its u i can destroy anytime like boy
i dont got shyt 2 be jelous
when i could beat u fair ones
me vs u this magnifying glass clearly not a fair one
n i beat u 2 submission outta fear o
im a keep on going like my angry tears yo
when im alone
matter fact this the greatest can u tastebud taste it it like tears o
soundbites 2 soundclips
can u hear it
u should fear it
like picthers on the mound
if u thought u was near it
thats my spot nigga
that was discription
like washing out the spot nigga
im clean
like no spot nigga
plain av in this bitch
like dick no homo
that wasent even homo
bitch u aint near it
to even fear it
g.b.e bitch we win alot nigga
duck fuck
little boy
they fuck wit me n dey done
take em out the oven
u already know who i be
who is u tho
i now custys
i make em sniff threw the navel
now they out there like pluto
o u done fucked up now
i know who is me and i know u aint me
so fuck who u tho
stop tryna brainwash into liking u tho
if u want beef we gon handle that
straight out the dark places
man fuck u tho
its a givin like gifts givin
like life givin but im taking life
u no ima shoot tho
a.v.i what more left is there 2 prove tho
sometime i feel like that
n then i humble myself n then i wonder where im at
like back when the pyramids was existing
was there pigins shyting i hold weight like shack
u wasnt the one the governement was after
cuz its mine ima capture like click
i did my tic like matter
boy splatter
dont talk about levels 2 me
devil on me
cuz i got the ghetto on me
the struggle another level 2 me
u wasnt the one that heard govement door slam
you aint heard the gavel land on the table
getting down feeling low like the gravel no fable
we no tattle like navels
my cricle so tight so it cant rattle
packing mega c notes
we stash it away
and on whatever we want it we pay
we on another level
wat can i say
yall sum snake shyt
that i was saying
im more vain veins
that would explain my cold blue tint
this aint gaming
i stay elavating
aka the toungue of training
toungues of training
this is puttin
u the put in of shame
everytime i rap u in shame and
wtf was thinkin out that brain and
nah u dont ever get my point
like arrows lost in your mind im insane and
im the shyt u cant find im wolly
i go super sajin
cuz if i didnt u wouldnt like the shyt im sajin
u ont do that shyt
that shyt that ima kill yuh 4 no 3
dont do that shyt that i dont wanna see
like cover my eyes i ont wanna see
yuh hear it in the news
how i kill u tho
it aint over there more coming
like your blood wont stop the runnin
like u when im coming
i bet u jump like a dog
when u see that im coming
the dog is u stupid foolish bitch uw
hope u get hit everyday
funny u thought u balance me in everyway
u just a hoe its everyday m.f
im just a man
u just a gay
u is no riddle
no mean 2 belittle
mean 2 belittle
u hoe that be lying
gotta lotta os
i gotta lotta hoes
but they is not lying
i dont gotta fall them
like i fell for u
girl i made em swell 4 u haha
cuz u looked at me and said that feel for u
i belived in you
you musta had a demon in u ah
i had a demon in me when i took my vicroty
can u handle the velocity
of your failed attemtps of not getting 2 me
stupid fuck duhhhhhh

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hip hop rap

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