The Guardian Of All Warriors Chapter 1

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The Guardian of all Warriors
Chapter 1: The Contract of Eternal Love

“Humanoid Warriors”!
A name that I am not familiar with, but it is told that they possess extraordinary powers beyond anyone’s comprehension. Their past is a mystery and it seems that they are only meant for one thing in the world: To serve the humans of mankind. Such a pathetic way to spend one’s entire life, I supposed. To serve the humans would bring complete and utter destruction of the servant, but that’s just how I think.
These humanoid warriors are supposed to grant their Master anything that they want and they cannot disobey. The punishment for disobeying an order would result in dire consequences. How I managed to get myself in something like this, I would never know; but there is one thing that I know for sure that has never let me down. Whenever a challenge is given to me, I will see to it till the end that it is completed.
“Guardian of All Warriors”!
It was a normal peaceful day in the city of Metrotropolis; the citizens were all doing their weekly afternoon objectives. People were working out later, kids were outside playing, or they were simply enjoying the inside comforts of their homes. That all did not apply for all children. It was told that a no-holds-barred tournament was going to be held in the center of the center for all Martial Arts fighters and the winner would receive 1 million dollars in cash. Many people knew of this event and was going to train their hardest to aim for the prize.
In this town of Metrotropolis, many things have happened that people choose to remain skeptical about. Little did they know, people with strange powers roamed this world for many years, decades? They do their best to protect the city and the world; but they decide to remain hidden from the public eye unless it was necessary. Deep in the thickest forest of Metrotropolis, there were sounds of grunting like someone was fighting. Crashes, quakes and small piles of smoke was forming in one spot.
Two warriors moved at blinding speed and collided in fist which cracked the ground underneath them. The collision of their blows created a shockwave which was destroying the trees around them. A timer had beeped which made the two warriors stop. One male had walked up to them and clapped his hands.
“Wow, you two really went hard today”, Richard said with a grin, “I hope you both show this much power in the tournament”.
The male with the low cut black hair grins, “You know for a certain that I’m going to go hard”, Jauwaan said with a cocky smirk; he looks over at his rival who was massaging his wrist, “What about you, Gabe”?
Gabe looks up at his friends with his blank expression, “Hmm, you just better be ready for what I have in store for the rest of you”!
Two more males walked up to the group with natural expression. Dion and Damian heard what Gabe said and chuckles. “Dang, Gabe, always so confident”, Dion said shaking his head, “You beginning to get real arrogant you know that”.
What’s the difference, he believes he is stronger than me, but we’ll find out, Damian said in an arrogant tone.
Gabe grunts in annoyance and turns away, “It doesn’t matter what either of you think; I am the strongest fighter of this group and we all know it”.
Wrong, Jauwaan frowns, “That arrogance is not going to work on me, the rivalry between us still stands and whoever is the last one standing will be seen as the best”.
I’ll be waiting, he said as he started to walk away.
In a flash, Gabe’s body disappeared in a black mist leaving all his friends to himself. Richard sighed and sits on a log, “What is up with him lately, he’s been acting all dark and gloomy”.
I’m not even close to being surprised, Damian shrugs his shoulders, “Sooner or later, he’s going to meet his match and when he does, reality will kick in”.
Jauwaan smirks and stretches his body, “Gabe knows what he’s doing, he’s been through a lot to know his limits”, he muttered, then said something to himself, “Still, something about him seems a bit off”.
Hey, Dion said catching everyone’s attention, “What about that test that we have to take for school tomorrow”!
Oh, damn, I forgot that we have a test, Richard said in a frightened tone, “And I forgot to study, this is bad”!
I forgot to study too, Damian said in the same frightened tone!
Jauwaan makes a face at his friends and laughs, “Even if you guys did know that there was a test, you wouldn’t have studied for it anyway”.
You got that right, it’s best to get the answers from someone in class rather than figuring it out for yourself, Richard said smiling.
And that’s why you guys are stupid, Dion huffs.
Jauwaan had enough of what was going on; it wasn’t annoying him, but he had some business to take care of in the city. He said his goodbyes to his friends and zooms off at light speed. One of Jauwaan’s famous and most talented skills is his speed. He is known as the hero of Metrotropolis and the fastest human warrior in the world. Not even Gabe can match up to his speed which makes him a worthy rival to the lone wolf. Ever since Jauwaan was little, he has lived in Metrotropolis; he didn’t discover his powers of speed until he got to the age of 13. After that, he wanted to use his powers for good ever since of the death of his mother. During those times, he had a lot of friends and Gabe was one of them. They knew each other for a long time and faced many challenges; though they also argued and bickered since they were enemies at first, they grew on each other and became friendly-rivals.
Richard sighs and looks at his remaining friends, “You guys trying to play the game at my house”.
Might as well, Damian nods.
Dion shakes his head and picks up his book bag, “I’ll go too, but I’m going to be studying for the test instead of being a failure”.
We’ll see how long that last before you have the controller in your hand, Damian smirks.
Richard is known for his incredible power and strength. Indeed, he is the strongest member on the team but he lacks when it comes to focus and tactics. His skills mostly rely on brute force instead of watching his opponent and using different techniques. He too was a friend of Gabe and Jauwaan at an early age. Damian is known for his unrivaled skills; he has trained himself in a martial arts that nobody in the group knows about since he wanted to be different. He wasn’t a friend of Gabe and the others until their second year of high school. Dion is known for his speed, but it’s nowhere near close to Jauwaan’s. Since he was trained by Gabe on improving his fighting skills, he has grown to be a tougher and harder opponent to beat in battle. He wasn’t a friend of Gabe and friends until the second year of high school also, but his friendship with Gabe goes deeper along with Jauwaan.
Meanwhile, near the outskirts of the city, Gabe was sitting outside his steps; lost in thought. He couldn’t wait for the tournament to start since he knew he was going to dominate everyone there. He wasn’t doing it for the money, he was doing it to prove that he was the strongest warrior in the world and nothing was going to stand in his way of victory. Gabe is known for his skills and speed in battle; he relies on brute force but he is focused and calm in the face of danger. His determination to be the best has driven him past many obstacles in his life, which made him a very tough opponent to his enemies and friends.
Although he is rough and tough on the outside, he wasn’t always like that. In the past, Gabe had a family; he lived with his mother and sister. His father, he didn’t know what happened to him since he gone and disappeared one day and no one told him of it since. His family was no more, they died of a fatal illness that runs in his bloodline. He too waited for the day that the illness would take his life and he feared when that would come. After his parents died, he didn’t know what to do with his life; that’s when his dark powers were awakened. He didn’t have the same abilities as Jauwaan and the others. His powers caused destruction to others since he was inexperienced. This was what caused him to become evil and fight solely for himself.
Without a family, he felt like everyone was against him and he hatched a scheme to try and destroy the entire world, but luckily Jauwaan had stopped him that day. After that, he had not been seen for many years. For those years of disappearance, he had heard that Jauwaan and his friends were saving the world countless times from evil while he was doing nothing. That all changed when the dark group known as Doppels came to Metrotropolis to take it over. Gabe actually lends a hand in fighting the Doppels with Jauwaan and his team; in the end, they became rivals and friends. After so many adventures, it has strengthened their bond and powers to a new length.
The sun was starting to fall and for some reason, something called out to the dark warrior to his feet. Sitting around for nothing was getting boring to him so he started to walk around the darkness of the woods. In the city of Metrotropolis, Jauwaan had zoomed down the street and screeched to a stop in front of a mother and her daughter. He presented a black cat to them and they were happy.
Thank you so much, Jauwaan, the mother said happily.
Jauwaan handed the girl her cat and rubs her head, “No worries, make sure you keep the kitty in a safe place so it doesn’t run off again”!
Yes, I’ll make sure she stays in the house, the little girl said happily.
Jauwaan waves off to the girl and her mother. After his job was done, he zoomed down the street out of the city. To others, he lived far away but because of his speed, he felt like he stayed very close. When he got to his house, he sighed and yawned, “Dang, I’m tired. Being a hero is tiresome”. Before he went inside his house, his attention was brought to the sky where he saw a light fly past the clouds.
A shooting star, he thought to himself, “I should make a wish”. He thought for a minute about the wish, “A wish for my friend; make him become a lot happier, that’s it”. The hero walks into his house and closes the door.
On the other side of the city, where a big field resides; Gabe was just walking around hopelessly. The wind wasn’t affecting him in anyway, it was really helping him think better about whatever was on his mind. The dark warrior grunts when he looks up at the dark skies. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, nothing but the emptiness of the solar system above his head. He turned away and when he did that, something had crashed right in front of him. Dirt and other materials had flew across the air, so he shielded his face from it. When the gust was over, Gabe looked to see it was some kind of space pod. It made a hissing sound as the pod was opening. Someone had walked out of it.
It was a man. He had a hair color of red and blue. His eyes had the same difference in color; he wore a weird red cloak with the symbols M.E.O on the backside. When he looked at Gabe, the dark warrior held his guard just in case he was in danger. The man spoke, “Target acquired”, he spoke in a rough tone, “Prepare to eliminate”!
Who are you, Gabe said angrily, clenching his fists?
The man spoke, “My name is Rage; that’s all I am going to tell you since I have to end you here”!
Gabe coughed blood as Rage had thrust his fist into his stomach. He refused to fall to his knees so he jumps back. The enemy charged at him right when he did that and came with a roundhouse kick, but he blocks it. The force of the kick had hurt his leg, but he didn’t want to show his pain. The dark warrior throws rapid punches, but Rage shows little effort in dodging which infuriated Gabe. Right when he countered attack, Gabe jumps in the air and comes down with an axe kick.
He thought he had hit his target, but was shocked to see it was blocked. “I don’t have time to play with you”! Rage grabs Gabe’s leg and head butts him, releasing blood from his nose and kicks him in his chest. The force had sent him towards a tree which he hit his back against. Rage held his hand in front of Gabe and releases a wave of energy which blew away at his skin and clothes.
Damn, I can’t keep taking this, Gabe thought trying to move, but the pain was keeping his body still and numb.
Trying to get away, I don’t think so, Rage said holding out his other hand.
Gabe cries out when a sudden force pushed him against the tree thus breaking his guard. The wave of energy was still hurting him which made things worse. “Damn it, is this the end”? His vision had blurred and everything had went dark.
“You fool, how shameful it is to have such a weakling host”!
Suddenly, Rage’s beam of energy had got deflected into the air which released a bright light. From the spot where Gabe was revealed a dark aura. It started to grow more and more by the second. Rage frowns when he saw a different person was standing there. It wasn’t Gabe. It still looked like him, but it was different. This person had red and black hair, eyes were crimson red and body was completely covered in a dark hue.
The darkness inside Gabe had awoken: Dark. The dark being walks up to Rage who doesn’t show any fear in his composer. “Who are you supposed to be”, he asks in a curious tone?
Dark grins, “I am the darkness that dwells in this pathetic body, I am Dark and I’m going to make you pay”!
Dark, huh, Rage muttered scratching his head, “Perhaps, you will break the boredom but you are no threat to me either”!
Oh yeah, he grins sadistically, “I’ll rip you to shreds and destroy your heart”!
Dark charges at Rage who puts up a guard. He was about to strike down the dark entity, but was shocked when it disappeared from sight. He sensed a presence behind him, but it was too late; he met a fist to his mouth knocking him off his feet. Dark had grabbed Rage’s leg and slams him on the ground over and over again. The enemy regained his leg and kicks Dark in his chin knocking him straight into the air. His body had disappeared in a stream of light and he appears behind Dark and kicks him towards the ground.
The dark entity regained his balance and saw a variety of energy spears coming down on him, so he dodges each one. Dark counterattacked, “Dark Arrows”, he shouted unleashing his own wave of dark spears. Rage’s energy burst as he gathered all of the dark spears and throws them back. Dark blocks the attack but it knocks him off his feet. Before he could get up, he met a knee to his stomach releasing blood out his mouth. Rage snatched his face and grinds it against the dirt and throws him across the floor.
Time to end this, he raised his hand towards Dark, who laid on the floor, “Die”!
Dark growls as he looks up to see a ball was forming in Rage’s hand. His strength was fading because of his counterpart’s interference. Right when he thought it was over, everything stopped when something had crashed in front of the two men. They both shielded their face from the crust and dirt. Rage gasps when he saw it was a space pod that looked exactly like his. “Damn, she followed me, I have to end him now”, he dashes around the space pod and heads straight for Dark who was still baffled by the arrival of another pod.
Rage readied to strike down on him, until he met a foot to his mouth knocking him against the ground. Dark looks up in confusion when he saw a female had descended in front of him. Her attire was covered in white armor that looked like a knight and her eyes, they were pure blue filled with rage and anger. Her hair was in pink tails and the color was blue.
How dare you harm my Master, she said in a clear, angry tone!
Dark growls as he forces him up, “Master”, he grunts? The dark entity gasps when he fell forward, but the mysterious girl had caught him. His hair had returned to black and his skin returned to its natural color. She sat Gabe away from where danger was and faced Rage who got back on his feet.
Alpha, he growls, “How dare you try and stop me from my mission, I’ll destroy you”!
Alpha raises her hand and a light forms. A blue sword appears in her hand which created a flow of energy to surround her body, “To think that you would attack my Master when I wasn’t here; did you actually think that I wasn’t going to show up”, she said holding the sword in front of her, “You are mistaken because I’m going to end your life right here, right now; Rage”!
Rage roared, “We’ll see”! He charges at Alpha and unleashes a wave of energy at her, but she sliced it down with her sword and jumps in the air. The enemy dodged the dangerous sword strikes and hits a flip. Alpha appears behind Rage and slices him in his back making him scream in pain. He comes back with a side kick, but she slides into his guard and elbows him in the face throwing him off balance. With one final swing, she cut his chest and face sending him on the ground.
The enemy coughs blood and glares at Alpha who started walking up to him, “That sword, where did you get that”, he growls as he holds his wounds?
This sword was forged by my father, given to me to protect my Master, she said in a serious tone, “To bring down my foes such as you, this is the taste of my power of a humanoid”!
Rage trudged to his feet, “Damn it, I can’t lose here”, he thought to himself, “I’m not going to be killed”!
Alpha charges at Rage, but he slammed a wave of energy to the ground which created smoke. She slashed through the smoke to see that the enemy had escaped, but she continued to hear his laughter through the darkness of the night. Gabe saw that Rage had escaped which angered him, now he was roaming around the city and who knows what was going to happen now. The dark warrior trudges to his feet and pushes him forward.
The female gasps and helps him up which confuses him, “Master, you shouldn’t push yourself too much, that’s dangerous”.
Master, he frowns, “What are you talking about, who are you”?
My name is Alpha and you are my Master, she said calmly looking into his brown-black eyes.
Alpha, he thought to himself?
“I must make the contract”!
Gabe gasp when Alpha had pressed her lips against his which paralyzed him. Suddenly, a pair of golden chains wrapped themselves around their body and started to emit flames. The flames did not hurt them, but it had some pressure to them. When they released the kiss, the dark warrior had fell unconscious, but the girl had caught him. “The contract has been made”.
Time passed and there was nothing but darkness. There was a presence beside him that he wasn’t familiar with. Gabe snapped his eyes open to see that he was in his house. He rose up and looked around for the female that saved his life, but he didn’t see her. Perhaps, it was just a dream. His thoughts lied to him when he saw Alpha had came into the living room with a cup of water. “Here you are, my Master”, she bows and hands him the cup of water.
Gabe jumped to his feet and grabs his 45 from underneath the couch. He points it at Alpha who stares at him with serious eyes, “First of all, who are you and why are you in my house”, he said in a dark tone?
Alpha sighs and stands up, “Do you not remembered what happened”?
The dark warrior frowns, “I fought against a guy name Rage and then you show up to fight him, that’s all”!
You don’t remember anything else, like when I kissed you, she said in a low tone.
Gabe’s composer shook as he touched his lips, “A kiss”, he thought, “I did feel you kiss me”, he mutters. He shakes his head, “That still doesn’t answer my question”!
Alpha sits back down and bows which confuses Gabe, “My name is Alpha; I am a first class humanoid warrior from a dimension known as Ultraviolet. I was sent from my world of war in order to become your loyal servant”.
Humanoid, he said lowering his gun, “What is that”?
Humanoids are female warriors who train to develop unique powers and abilities, she answered, “Since I am a specific type of humanoid, I am told to be the strongest of all combat types”.
Combat types, he muttered to himself, “So, there are more of you”?
Yes, that’s right, Master, she said lowly, “Humanoids are selected in a trial to have a Master to go and make the contract with them. Me being you servant, I can grant you any wish that you demand at the best of my abilities; all you have to do is ask”.
Any wish that I want, he said crossing his arms, “Saddest thing about this is that I don’t have any wish that I want granted; are you like a genie or something”?
Alpha shook her head, “Nothing like that, give me an order and I can show you what I can do”.
The dark warrior sighs and sweat drops, “Fine, put a dollar in my hand right now”.
Alpha nods, “Yes, Master”, she raises her hand and suddenly, in a flash, a dollar appears in Gabe’s hand which surprises him.
Alright, I’m convinced, he said putting the dollar in his pocket, “Next question, who was that guy, Rage and what did he want”?
Alpha grew serious, “Rage”, she gritted her teeth, “He is an assassin that came from my dimension”.
Does he live there or something, Gabe asks?
No, she shakes her head, “He’s from a organization known as M.E.O”.
M.E.O, Gabe frowns, “I saw the same symbol on his jacket, what does it stand for”.
It stands for, the Master Extermination Organization, she said in a cold tone, “M.E.O’s go after our Master’s in an attempt to kill them to leave us at fault. Once a humanoid has made a contract with her Master, there are special conditions”.
Such as, he asks?
Alpha hesitated for a moment, but answered, “If you die, then I die. If I die, then you die”!
Gabe felt a tug on his heart; he was forced to share a life with this girl and if she died, then he would lose his life as well, “What the hell kind of condition is that”, he growls and sits on the couch!?
I am sorry that I have become a burden for you, Master, Alpha said bowing down, “I know this is a big weight”.
Gabe shakes his head, “Stop bowing down, I’m not a king; sit like you have some sense”, he demanded and Alpha sat on the couch like a lady should, “So, tell me, are there anymore of these M.E.O’s around”?
Since Rage is here, more of them should be coming to this dimension, Alpha spoke, “If more of them come then I will destroy them all for my Master’s sake”!
I don’t need you to fight them all for me, I can’t fight my battles also, he raises a fist, “Got it”?
Master, Alpha said softly, “I understand”!
Gabe scoffs and looks away, “If they dare to try and hurt anything I care about, I’ll make sure that their deaths are slow and painful”!
Alpha heard her Master and didn’t know whether to be relieved or nervous, but she just nodded. Gabe saw the time and it was 2:12am. “It’s late, we’ll talk in the morning so for now, get some sleep”, he said gathering some blankets for Alpha and she took them politely. The dark warrior grunts and starts to go upstairs, until Alpha called him, “Master, where are you going”, she asks?
I’m going to my room to try and get some sleep, he said frowning, “What’s wrong”?
I want to be by your side, she said softly.
That look in her eye showed how much she wanted to be close to him, but he wasn’t mentally prepared to have her around; he still didn’t trust her fully. “No, stay down here and sleep; that’s an order”, he stomps upstairs.
Alpha sighs, “Yes, Master”, she grabs a pillow from the closet and snuggles herself close to the edges of the couch, “Goodnight, Master”, she whispers.
In his room, Gabe was lying down looking at the ceiling. So many things happened this day and he didn’t know why he was in the mix of it all, but he had no choice but to see to it that he took out all of the M.E.O’s that challenged him. “Humanoids, Master, M.E.O’s. So many things are going on, but I will make sure that I fight to the very end; no matter who I have to kill”!
With that final resolution in mind, he closed his eyes and slipped into darkness.
~End of Chapter 1~

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