Observing A Traffic Light

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Think about all the times you have sat at a red light, waiting for what seemed like an eternity, for the light to finally change. How do you occupy yourself while you patiently sit and wait? Then again, do you patiently wait or are do you get in a big uproar? As I sat and observed the intersection of Johnny Mercer Blvd and Hwy 80, I witnessed many different things.

There is quite a bit of activity at this particular intersection. To me it is the last intersection before tranquility and relaxation. When I see the first bridge leading to the ocean, a calming effect immediately comes over me. The wind blows slightly, bringing with it the smell of salt and seaweed from the ocean. It is currently low tide; therefore the smell is even stronger. It's amazing how one whiff of something can take you back to your childhood memories.

A group of cars approach the red light. A woman in her mid-twenties is talking on her phone and biting her nails impatiently, while next to her up pulls a car that is missing a head light and has bronze rust around its fenders. In the vehicle is a man with shoulder length blond hair who is singing Jimmy Buffet. Apparently he is on his way to the beach, since there is a surf board strapped to the top of his car. I can also see a couple who seems to be in a fairly heated discussion, an elderly woman who is having a hard time seeing over the steering wheel, and a man who has spilled his coffee as he comes to a stop. The light turns green and the smell of burning rubber stings my nose as a car races through the light. He is trying to get in front of the others before the road changes to one lane.

Cars continue to pass by, making the road vibrate under me and I can hear a ticking noise from the corner that tells you the light is about to change. One light turns red and roughly five seconds pass by before the other light turns green. There is a fruit and vegetable stand on the corner opposite from me. As I decide to go see what they have, I can hear screaming kids as another car approaches. The woman driving has her radio blaring; it doesn't come close to drowning out the screeches from the children. I buy a fresh Georgia peach from a very southern woman who calls me honey and tells me to have a good weekend. I bite into the peach as I cross the street. It is extremely sweet with a delicate aroma. Its skin is soft like velvet and so juicy it runs down my chin.

If you look in the sky the clouds are building, they are enormous and almost God like. It starts to drizzle and I can hear the sound of windshield wipers sloshing back and forth. As the rain begins to fall harder, puddles start to form. A truck drives thru one puddle with such force that it sprays the car next to it splashing a girl who had her window down. She honks her horn repeatedly and while she is cursing she pulls out another cigarette; the first one obviously got wet.

The traffic disappears and I look around. The intersection has fallen silent. Looking at the horizontal wires that hold the traffic lights, I find myself wondering how big of a bulb the traffic light takes. I remember reading somewhere that the traffic light colors are in the same order everywhere to help the colorblind. The rain subsides and the humidity increases, as does the smell of the ocean and the marine life it holds.

When I reflect back to the days I visited this intersection, I didn't realize so many things happened here. This just shows how we should all sit back and pay closer attention to our surroundings. I found myself giggling at a lot of people, other times irritated by things others did. I enjoyed relaxing while watching people, having all of my senses come alive and I'm sure I will be doing it a lot more in the future.


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