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Type of Work: Sound Recording
Copyright Holder: Timothy Griffin
Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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These people be looking at looking at me they know that I'm grateful / these people be looking at looking at you they know that you grateful / these people be looking at looking at us they know that we grateful / they know that we grateful they know that we grateful
I won't never stop wit my game this people be thinking I'm strange / but what I be doing is looking to him cause I know he be calling my name / he telling me come and be faithful I'm looking at him and I'm grateful / the way that I live in my past - I know it was wasteful / and now that it ain't about cash they say that it won't never last / but they do not see me please believe me - I'm doing the dash / my father be putting me on I'm hearing it straight from the throne / he blessing me giving me breath - them heavenly songs / I know that my grind is essential you just trying to cop you a rental / but me I pull off on lot - let's make it official / I'm reppin my family that's Jewish and I got the papers to prove it / oh yeah he be calling me son - come get with the movement / and now that the kingdom established his riches is mine and I grab it / the meek inherit the earth - that's why we be mashing / so don't let em shake you or break you just give it to him and be thankful / the spirit has given me life - and for that I'm grateful
The vision he given it shows that homie yet low and behold / the enemy coming and where is my help dog I already know / that's why I be down on my facial the spirit is moving so graceful / I'm needing ya help I'm pleading for help hell never forsake you / I'm seeing it time after time this people be looking so blind / they always be given out answers and steady be looking for signs / but why does society trip we know that the kingdom equipped / they just wanna focus on evil they stuck in his grip / but me I look close to the one and I know he the one dat be calling the shots / for the people on wall street and deep in the blocks / dog so really you not the man that you thought that you was / just give it Jesus He give us his blood / his grace and his mercy forever it reigns / and know it homie the reason I know that it's keeping me sane / in lifting him up and you know that I'm doing it all in his name / forever I'm grateful forever I'm changed

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