More Than A Conqueror

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We more than a conquer shout out to the opposition / we more than a conquer never new no competition / we more than a conquer yeah you know he run the town / we than a conquer you know we hold it down
I feel like David the moment he slew the pelistine / and like Joshua camp when they yelled the battle cry / I look up to the sky but never wonder why / his spirit given me power I look em off in the eye / and let em know that a man of God is suppose to shine / yeah we the light of the world and we about to climb / up to another level we out here slaying devils / and when we go to battle we like a band of rebels / and what we rep you know these people wanna call us lame / we just some sinners who was lost and we bout to change the game / yeah we know that the fame yeah its literally nothing / and now know He got our back you know we keep em ducking
The kingdom mission it takes a man to carry the torch / and all the Facebook likes and external support / ain't never gone give me power ain't never gone give me vision / my god he wants a army so I went and in listed / so homie you can miss me with all the hate and drama / we got a click of kingdom hittaz and they got that armor / we don't wanna alarm ya but we ready for battle / my god he sent us up the creek and we don't need a paddle / cause he the orchestrater our comander and chief / He the one we turning on when they bringing us beef / and He gone em see that they literally nothing /
I look at Peter the moment when he was in the garden / when they come against God that's when we go the hardest / standing up for His name and His amazing grace / and when the chance arises no we won't never waste / an opportunity going hard and Goin in / and if you sharing the vision you know we gotta win / don't be deceived we gotta leader with plenty rank / and he ain't taken no loses no he won't never faint / he's lead people through valleys that's deeper than the sea / He is the only begotten and He will always be / and He can make you see that you literally something / and if you share His kingdom vision ain't no need for nothing

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