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Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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We gotta unite if we ever gone change / all the hatin and the Killin man we gotta break the chains / we gotta unite if we ever gone grow racism dope dealing man we gotta let it go / we gotta unite if we ever gone see / we was made in his image not because of you and me / we gotta unite yeah homie Jesus is the way / don't believe what they selling homie dont be lead astray
Times in the world is harder than we've ever seen / that's why I'm praying to Jesus that He will interven / it's takes faith if people is gonna fight back / without the spirit then how are we gonna bounce back / beheading Christians been become reality / off in Syria man looking at the casualties / it's so staggering Satan he got choke hold / he got ISIS killing em by the boat loads / and in America evil is getting over looked / we got cops that killing us just for how we look / racism genocide it's still going on / and yeah we gotta be bigger than just a million strong / all the people who wanna stand up / come together unite yeah we gotta plan bra / to take back the victory it's already claimed / apply the blood of the lamb you'll never be the same. we in a country that's built upon a book of lies / with the mason's that painted a beautiful disguise / everything that they started it had a symbolism / and with demonic oppression they forced us to listen / so we gotta awake arise from the sleep / so we can rebuke reject and expose the beast / but man it takes the spirit if we gonna unite / cause he's the source of power in the battle we fight / illuminati controls all the money we make / but it don't matter my power from a god who's great / so all the currency you got is all for ya order / but me I'd rather be the one to die like a martyr / all my people who wanna stand up / come together unite yeah we gotta plan bra / to take back the victory it's already claimed / apply the blood of the lamb you'll never be the same

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