Our Future

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Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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Everybody look to the sky wonder what they future bring dont nobody wanna feel his passion dont nobody wanna feel his pain dont nobody wanna feel his hurt dont nobody wanna feel his shame but i really wanna feel his passion and i really wanna feel his pain. I'm looking off in the streets these people looking so lost / I'm riding round in this coup Deville and I'm bout bout get lost / they look at me like I'm fake but they don't know that I pray / I believe in him I been born again and I know I got to have faith / they look the part but I shine they patty cake and I grind / we on the clock and it's fourth down but dog still he moving on time / we look to him and I know he loving us and it show / he shead his blood he been raised up and he live in us yeah I know / we hit the block with this truth these people know it's so real / cause he the only man that got murdered dog and never made a big deal / cause the spirit dwelling in him and Satan's future so grim / and he the only one I wanna live for so I give my life unto him. Now the pictures painted so vivid cause he took the hurt he took pain / and like a TV screen it's gone fade to black so we got to call on his name / cause he the only one that's gone save me from the deathly wages of sin / we on the block you wanna photo shop man we out here getting it within / in the trenches where they be trappin in burbs now where they do taxes / man we all gone need to Jesus when we all gone stop all the madness / we we got to stop the high cappin put the faith into action / glorify him with our living raise the bar and stop sinning / man you know the future so bright /once in darkness now we got light / got his spirit dwelling in me/ once was blind but now yeah I see / never gone stop you know we been through / been straight hell but what we gone do / send up praises all in his name / never go soft you know we gone bang

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