Cast Our Cares

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We know the world is lookin and tryin to find a way / to bring us down but homie you know we gonna stay / off in the presence of God he is the most high / and with his strength and power oh yeah we gone fly / above the people and critics who wanna sell us out / just listen close I'll tell ya just who I'm talkin bout / He is the king messiah he is only one / to give you life and freedom he is the only son / that ever came and died to show you real love / and yeah we feelin ya spirit descending like a dove / that's why we calling ya Lord to come fill our needs / and yeah we finding ya strength when we down on our knees / until I'm gone forever you know I'm on a mission / rising about the hate and all the people wishing / that they could kill me and knock me out of my fathers circle / but imma fight em dog till my knuckles turn purple

I'm feel in weak but Lord I know you will sustain / all these venomous thoughts that's Runnin through my brain / the world's kickin and fighting but who off in the clutch / Immanuel the rock and so I lift him up / and stayin down forever you know it's in the script / and when I pray in the spirit I often get a glimpse / who is the man of sorrow speaking to my soul / it is the lamb of God his beauty we behold / and so we know that the victory it will only come / when we keeping our focus just looking to the son / he is the alpha omega beginning and the end / he is the Prince of peace in him I got a friend / so when these people is beatin tryin to hold you back / just know the advocate homie has takin up ya slack / he's from the tribe of Judah the head of the church / that's why I give him my worry my pain and my hurt.

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