Stop Fakin

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You better listen up and pay attention what I'm saying / Jesus is coming back and homie yeah he knows you Fakin / yeah he know you Fakin yeah he know you Fakin / you better pay attention because he know you Fakin 

I'm looking at the church today and everything they doin / they got a lot of sin in em and you know it's brewing/ up to the day wrath Jesus is looking down / instead of make him happy homie we make him frown / instead of glorify and live according to his word / Jesus is thinking to his self these people got some nerve / they praying for these blessings they praying for protection / and when they dead in sin want me to resurrect em / but never make me happy with the way they live they lives / they staying caught up in they sin and wanna compromise / never ask for forgiveness they really think I listen / they run around and prophecy and think they got my vision / but wickedness is really all that's got em captivated / they steady blowing a balloon but yeah I will deflate it / just pull the cover back expose ya naked bones / and stop ya faking homie Jesus bout to call us home.

Its really sad how the body's gotten so complacent / they getting tossed to and fro but thinking that they'll make it / with the lack of the spirit they'll never live a life / pleasing to Jesus so you know it is the antichrist / working off in they body they got a worldly vision / they fence strattle so you know they trapped in Satan's prison / But I know Jesus really wishes that none should perish / and if they wanna change they ways yeah the Lord will cherish / they heartache and they suffer and if they finally muster / enuff faith to give it to him He'll be like no other / waiting with open hands respond to every call / and if you ever slip yeah he'll embrace ya fall / but what you gotta do is realize he in control / give up that legalism homie let him have us soul / and he'll remove the scales so you can truely see / you need Jesus homie stop being a pharisee

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