Nothing Can Take You Down

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So..Note this lines

......... I speak.

I can speak so fine

Like ragging n am freak.

Where my life resides...

that world's so creep.
Life is treasured inside.

And Its hidden so deep.

Even if u dig

100 feet

U wont get to peep.

Life reside to the other side

U Are chasing and it can hide

U work so hard for happiness

So good with finesse

And all that u did is

To prove what it is

So important

Even if it takes ur life

And throw you through hell portal.

Sometimes it can make u immortal.

U fight for ur right and u nevier give up

U got ur aim in ur sight and u wanna level up.

But its too tough, the path is so rough

It test ur limit untill ur fed-up.

Life is not a piece of cake...

And it is sometimes..

so easy to break.

Please take a break for god sake.

Just hold it! for a while

Till you get from pieces to peace.
Life may flip it side its not easy as it seems.

U don't need to narrow your vission

Don't need a permission to take ur decision.

But its is a disease

It's the Same thing u please

What deceives

And then you learn from it

And that's all you receive.

Learn to walk since u crawl

U are not always an audience

U must learn to brawl.

And u must keep ur stance

This time... Ur not sitting in stands

U can hear them shouting and screaming

U were once one of them

and now

Ur in the game stop dreaming

I can see on your face

that feeling so weak

So now ur just like me

A freak

Who thinks the world is creep.

"Get up on your feet

Don't stay on the ground

Come on its another round

U might have lost the first

Thing might get worst.

But u must

choose to walk around

In to the ring

But when the bell rings

Stand like ur A king

Just here that sound

Nothing can take you down

Nothing can take you down..

Nothing can take you down...

so will you get on your feet. Come on

Don't stay on the ground.

Nothing can take you down

Nothing can take you ..

Get up on your feet

Life will try to pin you down

Knock you down

Laugh at you

like ur a joker or a clown.

He can break your jaw

With his own style

he is a south paw

So raw

Death has no law

U feel ur heart pumping

Its bouncing off chest

Like jumping jacks jumping.

Leaving you unrest.

As u feel the beat

And u can feel the heat

Enemy is a monster

And ur its dinner to eat.

Ur a fighter now

u got no seat

Enemy is a murder

He's on a killing streak.

This creepy world is so creepy

Ur dead if ur sleepy.

It stalk u at night as

It is so sneaky


It will kill you so easy

Giving up is not a pride

Deep inside

It will hurt so deeply

Is that what u seek

I know your feeling so weak

And now ur like me

A freak

Who thinks that this world is a creep.


Now as you've tighten

Your reflexes have enlightened

You feel like your born again

With enlightenment

And u move like a lightening.... fast.

Things are now too rough

But now u know how to last.

Now it seems like ur moving

With a super sonic speed

As ur a abnormal computer

Actually faster than its feed.

New born and new breed

With just pure thought with no greed.

And now u realize that life can be grown

Even in desert u got that seed.

So now when ur a tougher soldier

Life is an open book for you

That now u can read.

U know it may never co incide

Life us like a coin

With two different side

It has the good and the bad

That's why most of your life

Your not always sad.

All that lessons u had

Now time to put them in practical

Ur part of the world just like

Things and its particle

Gather all your knowledge and thoughts

Write it down as an inspiring article.
For someone who is bleeding it can be surgical.

For those who are allergical

To the times when they run away

And they got nothing to say

And ur story might show them a ray...of light

Which might help them to fight.

And keep up in this world

Which is so subliminal ,

So criminal

When u play good guy

Ur chanced to stay alive

is minimal.

No chance to regret

U now know the secret

The secret path

And I think u found

If still not

Just hear that sound...

Get up on your feet

Dont stay on the ground

its another round

U might have lost the first

Things might get worst

But u must

choose to walk around

Into the ring

But when the bell rings

Stand like yr A king

Just here that sound

Nothing can take you down

Nothing can take you down...

Nothing can take you down...

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