Coat Of Arms Of Marko Maljkovic

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Coat of Arms of Marko Maljkovic


(These arms are to be used by Marko Maljkovic and his descendants, with appropriate cadences and changes according to heraldic rules and history.)


1. Blazon: Sable, a shark urinant contourne Or.


2. Mantling: On a tilting helm contourne, a wreath Sable and Argent, mantled Sable doubled Argent.


3. Motto: "Tempus Edax Rerum" (Time, That Devours All Things).


4. Biography of the Armiger (Bearer of the Coat of Arms): Born in Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia), on March 16, 1976. Departed his native country at age four. Emigrated with his mother, a medical doctor and researcher, to Canada. Grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta. Finished high school in Edmonton. Studied history. Returned to Europe in 1998. Worked for numerous international and local nongovernmental organizations, media, human rights groups, etc. Currently living and working as a political analyst in his home country of Serbia. Dual citizen of Canada and Serbia. Married since April 2005. No children. 


5. Design Rationale: The Armiger's family is of Russian origin, having emigrated to Serbia during the time of the Russian Empire. They changed their original Russian surname (Malykov) to Maljkovic, so as to better assimilate in their new homeland. The colors of the arms and mantling recall the historic colors of the Russian flag, at the time of their arrival in Serbia (i.e. black, yellow, and white). Time has always played a prominent role in the Armiger's life, perhaps even more than is usual for most people. He studied history after finishing high school, and the immutability of time, the often tragically cyclical nature of human history, and the inevitability of entropy have always been subjects of interest to him. That is why the Armiger picked a shark as the sole charge on his Coat of Arms. In many ways, the shark reminds us both of time and the individual person's constant struggle against time's tireless progress. The persistence of time -- the way it catches up with us regardless of how hard we strive to outrun it -- is reminiscent of the unmatched predatory drive inherent to every shark. At the same time, the individual person's perseverance in constantly struggling against time -- regardless of the ultimate futility of such efforts -- is hauntingly reminiscent of a shark's endless swimming, as it can never rest, but must swim constantly to keep from sinking into the darkness. In the case of the design of the arms, the shark is positioned vertically with head facing down (uriant). This is reminiscent of an hourglass, with the shark's jaws -- a symbolic representation of the inescapable end of a person's time in this world -- at the bottom, waiting for the sands in the hourglass to run out. The motto also reflects both the nature of time and time's similarity to the shark (i.e. they both devour all things).

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