Avuhkigh Slump You

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Copyright Holder: Andrew Justin Martinez
Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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first off fuck how u feeling man
ima m.f villina
gotta endulge in crime killing man
fuck wat these bitches feeling man

im from the ghetto shots let go
we move on niggaz if dey give what we want
i do what i have 2 do 2 survive in the jung
im hungry see what they want
me 2 be
it feel so good when u living free
all the hoes eyeing me
from the mountain zion be
that means kill u wit the holy war
bitch got the holy sword
im gunna kill u like im brolly
eyes open ears listen
u feel me see the jewls glisten
them fuck boys aint wit it
money in double digets
ima gurrila they weight is looking mideget
ok i got 2 shine 2 get mine
them lil bitches need 2 crawl n get spine
some days wish woulda blew put my mine
now im so wavy
fuck these niggaz talking bout
i got my fam and we all walk it out
that mean these words aint empty
im have u on the floor tryin tempt me
u see me riding by by in bently
u see your bitch on my dick
u envy
remeber envy
i be flyer than envy
i be higher than envy
bitches runnin from gunshots
thats why they ont wun come 2 my spot
im no pepple but u already know how i rock
the next pun alive the shyt nonstop
how im gon get this mang
niggaz fuck around and get splited mang

the top feel better than bottom
cream cream cream cream
all a nigga need is cream
all a nigga need is cream
the top feel better than bottom
all a nigga need

i alwayz new thatd id be here
u know they say be there or be square
ha bitch i do the dare
and i know that daddy he dont care
all he ever do is fight wit me and shyt aint fair
see thats the way i see this here
drama so severe
tryna kick me out like a bear
going threw so much opps i hope i ont shed a tear
now he wanna fight wit me cuz he been drinking lots of bear
no whiteboy its onnly puerto rican here
my mom say theres boys that make our kind look bad
and everytime the cop come she say we make us look bad
but it aint me ma i aint never been a rat
and thats a true fact
little bitchrs tried 2 hurt me
thats why i strike em back
i remeber growing up life was never fast
dyin 2 grow up so i could fuck and do all of that
memeber when i was young wanted tats
i remebrr in 5th grade my friend got the tat
now he doing years off block
cuz his big brother ran and turnt rat
in a drug bust im use 2 all that
why these boys tryna be what i am huh
that aint no what its like to grow up around the violnece
i ont enjoy the shyt but its my turn
u feel my burn when i let go
and everytime its violent shyt when i let go
remeber being booked on the staff cant let go
tryna make me do life poking me to let go
but i keep it in
and now im out
that wass the key wihitn
i new i couldnt let them get to me
throw that stress on me
now u get the best of me
look i been
places u aint never been
i banged on the block no young boy
i aint slevaent
the world fucked me good
so i fuck it back
fuck u taling bout bitch i got my back
and im walking around bitch i dont lack

the top feel better than bottom
cream cream cream cream
all a nigga need is cream
all a nigga need is cream
the top feel better than bottom
all a nigga need

i been dying to hit this shyt
flip this shyt
lit this light this
hoood violoence exiting
its all in my brain when im riding
memorys turn reality
gravated batttery
the battery not empty
bitches is busting
im come around cuming
on bitches im stunitin
i give wat they wanting
o my bad
did i curse 2 much fuck u lil hoe
u a lil hoe
we dont know you
in the hood we dont show
the things that i do
so we keep you away from wat i do
and if i was right by u
id have 2 die u
no more light just bye bye you
thought u could play me like i toon
bitch turn the volume
u want me in jail
so you could prevail
but you wont that shyt
imtired of bullshyt is backwords
and i swear i aint acting
i hit u 4 acting
like u my freidn n u isnt
tell me what is it
im tired of being poor no pot 2 piss in
so i piss on walls
ima dog
pitbull type
god hate
cuz the devil he break me
an everytime breaking
i go on a crimespree
cuz i am to flavorish
2 be minding my own
dont put me outta my zone
look at me now im all grown
just u my slave just behae
and if they want drama
im trhowing greenades
bitch they 2 faced
i come around blocks wit the real thats in me
i dont even know how 2 impress
i just dress how i like
bitch stole my bikke and i aint never foud it bac
and if i did then that b itch would get wacked
because its not my shyt u jack
bitch its all fact
ileave u on back
like tac
im down like the mat
im fly call me bat
the man wit the gat
the man leave u flat
the man leave u splat
the man wit the tat
perinate scars that wont last
im coming so hard that soft wont last
bitch its my task b
2 ride for the money
2 ride 4 the bitvhe s
2 ride for the ricthces
knocking hoes sensless
who u thinku talkin 2 son
i come around wit the gun
u just a chump that i slump
like the pump

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