Avuhkigh Hennesy

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im feeling to come up
my niggan whats up
u get but fucked
cuz u homo
u know avuhkigh living solo
pass the promo
u on detour
bitch im 4 im dolo
to much pain im rocking solo
remeber when i use have sqauds on me
now i gotta army incase they try plot on me
yall bitches all corny
yall bitches all like frys yall all salty
damn ever blame me lil fuck i aint faulty
ima take u 2 a place u aint never been
bitch i b fucking game no selvant
fatih on my side
i hit these bitches
like cape when u fly
i aint give a fuck even when im dying
this lyfe hit me harder then ryan
thats why i gotta fight out this bitch
coming 45 in this bitch

u know how it gleamin
things aint always what they seamin eh
thats why u feel like u dreaming uhh
i had 2 figure life out
when i pulled that knife
i knew i aint go the nice route
cuz these niggaz tryna take my girl so i aint take the nice route
do you feel me
i aint like being broke
not broke having 2 b filthy that means i do the dirty
how im gon get a job
if dey dont wanna hire me
dey want me to rob
crips boutta be calling me slob
dont fire me uh
the bitch left me saw her fucking after i broke the door
damn she such a fucking hore
bitch just tryna get a name in the hood off mine
she tryna score
i aint never bore bitch u a bore
im just tryna survive in the city
there no big lights in my city
theres not even compassion in this city
u wanna roll on me
and i cant roll on you
u wanna take my sheter but i cant take from u

bitch u wasnt wit me fucking in the room
bitch u wasnt wit me fucking in the room uh
why they tryna strip me of everything i earned n got
why they trying 2 be the tuff guy on the block
knowin they not the tuff guy on the block
thats gon lead 2 hospital visits and cop watch
take that off my block
u gon have 2 go wit your losers thats not hot
u gon take decrease in rep its my spot
now im shoting your head off
the blood spot
can i get a taste of air livin life
can you hear my crys
the lonlyness inside
its so empty here it echoing at night
my babys dont want me its a tragity
im robbin and stickin niggaz like my name eddy griffin nigga
im gon rise above that like cherry picking nigga
who tf is u u u
tellin me wat to do do do
embarassin me in publc
at other times feel like
the world agaisnnt me they covet
now i wonder is there a price 2 p p pay
4 livingn so fuckig ruggish
turn off the bitches cuz im thuggish
so i ont put trust in a bitch even when im fucing
i remeber the luving
that was touching
heartfelt nights
laying 2gther 4 ever and ever
so i go out 2 get bitches cuz im clever
i wanna be your man mansion living
i aint story telling the feelings that be hitting
i ont care who in my way i gun em all down
i smack they frown of they faces
i come wit a pack of aces
guns jammin when fistes aching
on the block theres hennesy
on the block theres enemys
on the block remain freinds of me

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hip hop

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