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Year Published / Made Public in: 2016
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in the club tossed up bitch
see me and im ossed up bitch hey
your bitch want me u all cought up bitch
i aint no loser i aint no corny
i say that shyt cuz thats how they want me
i had break free from that bullshyt
now i got my mind free
now maybe im gon be back 2 happy
niggaz aint even tryn jack me boy
niggaz hating on the rep
hating on the steez
lil a nigga u a lil nigga
bitch plz
u the type get slumped over
begging 4 mercy on knees
see itz not me that u see bitch
dont throw your fuckboy lil fit uh
i do this u ont does this hoe
u just a lil showboat
i done faced the danger
i done faced the hard times
lil bitches tfryna plot behind mines
dont get it twisted
u is suppose 2 have my back but u is so twisted
lil fuck and u mad cuz i aint wit it
wtf u thinking out that stupid ass brain dumb fuck
ima come threw u gon make me have 2 lit u up
why u do that 4 dumb fuck u already know better
tryna steal my glory bitch is u dumb
u aint know where the fuck i be from
u tryn treat me like punk huh
u know thats how u get slumped huh
u wun get hit wit the pump huh
u acting like homie
u acting like friend
i aint never heard of a real man do that
i would never do that
i aint gon backstab
death before dishonor lil hoe
thats above money lil hoe
thats above dummys lil hoe
u is a just a dummy lil hoe
ima bout 2 red rumy u hoe
now i got 2 start all over
now i got scars on me inside like outside like a souljah
i am beholder
on the rooster from the rooster i roast yuh
u a slow slow slow bruh
fuck u think u talking bout muah
i done seen the truth again damn
now i see the proof again damn
u not a shooter man damn
i already know that damn
why u gotta hide that man
i ont fuck wit bitch niggaz like that
i ont fuck wit snitch niggaz like dat
how im gone have a nigga thats gon tell on me
tryna prevail on me
that aint no loyalty shyt thats geek
i aint never been no geek bitch
see it in my
attitude u a geek bitch
all yall bitches geek bitch huh
u already know how i be bitch
i cant forgive 77 times but i swear i firgave like 68
but it was that 69th i just couldnt do damn
i musta did good cuz they say 3rd time mean shame on u
like the blame on u
uh but the blame u

in the hood thats evil
in a hood thats cops tryna chase me
enmeys try 2 act like friends of me
so they coud get over me
in the hood thats evil
in a hood thats cops tryna chase me
enmeys try 2 act like friends of me
so they coud get over me
over me
over me
over me

i aint never seen the fake shyt shame on u bitch
try 2 act like my firend lil bitch
u know how im nice 2 my friends
thats a pussy ass weak move
u ont want me on that drama i seek mood
u alredy know who my ppl
stop tryna flatter me looking threw the peep hole
i know u not my ppl
i know u on want drama sequeal
my ppl in cages
im wishing i was out the hood im on stages
the treatment outrageous
im with the shyts so i still risk 2 be in cages
this is me bitch this aint no reckless behaviour
disorderly conduct a lie agaisnt
a cop thats gone be taking my life

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