It's 2 Late

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Dijion Brunson

Its 2 Late



Tryna stop me but it’s too late (3x)

Tr-Tryna stop me but it’s too late

Tryna stop me but it’s too late (3x)

Tr-Tryna stop me but it’s too late

It’s too late(3x)

Tryna stop me but it’s too late

It’s too late(3x)

Tryna stop me but it’s too late



Tryna stop me but it’s too late

Why is that ‘cus I’m to great

Your time is up your due date

Yall niggas softer than mooncake

I campaign for a cause no crusade

I give a damn what you say

Yall niggas always talkin –ish

They’ll find yo body on Tuesday

Toss a grenade at you niggas like a bride with that bukkae

Man your world is over with

Yeah niggas dis your doomsday

All yall rappers getting real old yeah nigga welcome to the new age

Wanna try me better think twice like yall niggas got two brains

Must be the best rapper ever nigga ‘cus I snap harder than two waynes

Whether you like it or not you niggas better get used to this new face

Buddy I’m jus too sick you better get used to these crude ways

Lyrics got them type of chills that’ll make you; you, you and you shake

Man I must be batman ‘cus all these lil niggas two-faced

Stand up to all you lil cowards then we’ll really know who’s brave

Bullets ain’t even bisexual but they’ll catch your lil ass two ways

Man I ate these rappers up time to fix D-Jay a new plate

Verse 2

Nigga I done got famous quick and all it did was take me a few days

Yes nigga my whole squad fye in other words call that a tushay

My lyrics got the real hair flow yall niggas faker than tupays

No one asked two cents nigga and that’s all I really have to say

Keep on talking with them loose lips cave your chest in just like a suflay

Yes nigga I done saved rap everybody yelling hip-hop hooray

Man I feel like a superstar but a nigga name ain’t Lupe

Yall gone see me all on tv screaming out them letters F.U.K

I know yall niggas be fearin me when you see yall jump like hop scotch

And they say that life’s a bitch well I’m just touching her hotspots

Yall see me just laid back man I’m cooling off in that drop top

Yall niggas claiming yall too sick allow me to give you a cough drop

I done shot up like a pop tart

Now my name in the top charts

And they say that rap dead nawl it ain’t dead til stop

Some people say I got heart but ain’t nun there but a ice box

See how fast I done killed the game and I didn’t even need no stopwatch

Verse 3

D-Jay lil nigga going hella in

Going against a bunch rapper that I’m really better than

With a brutal flow and the words that’s getting others hurt

Blowing on the kush while I’m sipping on Mrs. Buttersworth

I’m D-Jay nigga I ain’t worried I bust haters

Graphic T, Blue Jeans, and a pair of Chuck Taylors

Keep all kinds of women call them artificial flavors

So these hater can keep on hating

But they only making me greater

I’m a beast, but I ain’t wasting no time

I’m changing up the game and slowly making it mine (So uh)

While you steady trying time after time

I got more talent than all these lame rappers combined

(Yeah) And-and-and and yes I’m back again

With the type of flow that make you never wanna rap again

Whenever you up against me you should know you’ll never win

So plain and simple I’m a veteran

If you claim you sick I’m your medicine

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