Enna Katha,azlage Azlage- Song Lyrics

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                                                         (Enna kathey lyrics)


Enna kathey….. enna kathey…. enna kathey

Enna kathey….enna kathey……..

Kathaluke vaaliyane yengge kathey…..

Natpukke than thol kudethe ninne kathey….

Adithadi venamunne vantha kathey….


Muunaru sernthaka yellu kadalu……

Othu paaru vaanavilum yellu coloure…

Yettathan mannase valzve pirichu paaru…

Padhu natil un valke thodangum paaru…..


Iravatthu onnil un kaiyil saavi paaru….

Nupphathil un valzkeye neeye paaru…..

Kaadaisiyel thol kodupathu naalu peru

Rendu naal valnthu paaru yogam unakku


Enna kathai enna kathai enna kathai


Urukulle ketuparu enggalai patri

Utharum paaru kaiyum kaalum metthu katti

Koodi yillai ondraga valum jathi

Right than port kulle odum nadhi

Sarigama pathani nu padhavum illai

Munnadi odithan pazlakumum illai

Pinnadhi tirumbi than paarthadum illai

Engga pathaiyillai pirivunnu vandathum illai

Enna kathai enna kathai



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