Every Time I Get Hurt

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“Every Time I Get Hurt”

Every time I get hurt it always leaves a scar

And I have several scars so far

Most of the scars, I’ve done to myself

No I’m not a cutter, I’m really something else

I’m just another lover

Lacking a significant other

And every time I think about love I feel my heart break

The scars I posses come from heartache

I try to fix the pieces of my broken heart,

But before I can pick up a fragment the choking starts

I stitch them together with optimistic thoughts of

“One day I will love” and

“Love is on its way” and

“Love will come today” and

“Everything’s ok”,

But those thoughts won’t last,

Those thoughts will fade

When my stitches go away a scar remains

People say nobody ever hurt you so you can’t complain

My heart breaks with or without love so either way I’m feeling the pain

I threw myself in a relationship, but I’m the only one relating

When you fall in love too early, it gets to be frustrating

Because it’s so hard to get up again

I’m slipping under I think I need oxygen

My vision’s getting blurry

I can’t distinguish lovers from friends

I’m drowning in love and I have to save myself before the end

I’m grabbing my mind thinking about where the conversation has been

And I put it to focusing on where the conversation is going

I feel myself sway that means the wind is blowing

Towards love

So I grab myself once more and push myself in the other direction

I’m willingly making a mistake

I’m in need of a quick correction

I come to my senses after a mental inspection

This can’t be love his “heart” has an erection

Common sense is love’s contraception

Before love can reach my heart it is caught by my mind’s interception

I try to be careful

I walk with open eyes

I’m always looking forward, but love can sneak up from behind

It gets to my heart while something else is distracting my mind

And before I can realize it, I feel my heart break

It hurts

And every time I get hurt, it always leaves a scar

It never leaves a bruise

It always leaves a scar

And I have several scars so far.

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