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Shawty Pain - Rap, Hip-Hop, RNB, Rock Artist.
He began his career with 15 years of age. It all started with a home first recording songs on a microphone for karaoke, moving forward, creating song after song, he created his own band behind him is always going people, he always knew how to get people interested in their ideas without the tower, a little later was open label, "Ryder Music Recordz "but because of disagreements broke up and each participant was engaged in the business. Shawty Pain does not stop there, issued a series of mixtapes and has already begun to acquire a certain popularity among listeners, but the 2009 and 2010 was preparing for him a lot of surprises, and as it began to learn more and more people, he also faced the haters, and as the unprepared man he is led to a creative crisis in 2009 and 2010 he released a total of 9 songs, but the end of 2010 managed to overcome writer's block and opened his own recording studio "GMC Recordz", in the near future Shawty Pain plans to release a single on which will have a lot of popular artists United States, as in 2011, plans to release the album, which also will attend a lot of artists from the United States, France, Germany, Russia and England. and a new series of mixtapes will be posted on the Internet for free download. Stay tuned.

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