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Reality TV show Idea:  follow blackjack and/or poker card counters or advantage players as they begin their careers as professional BlackJack/card players.  THe show will also follow established professionals in the Advantage Play world such as Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, etc.  the show will also feature segments that will give the history of the game of Blackjack from its origins to todays gaming situation.  The entire spectrum of Blackjack will be covered in the manner of the "Moonshiners" television program on TLC (the learning channel).  TLC will be one of the networks that this idea will be pitched to in the future, so if they steal this idea this is proof that it was the sole concept of Kelly W. Blue 82670.  The show will teach basic strategy, rules of the card games, simple counting methods, the % of advantage the casino(s) weilds on ALL of its games.  The show will devulge that all casino games are designed with putting the players at a disadvantage.  The show will follow casino employees from Pit Bosses to Blackjack dealers to the Big executives and security personel, especially the security that will be trying to catch our card counters.  The show will follow card counters as they practice, play, encounters with casinos.  Casinos will be analyzed by our card counters and other experts to show IF casinos are cheating customers by rigging games, having dealers deal seconds, use sleight of hand etc.  Trips will be made to Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Kansas City, Louisiana, and even casinos overseas. The show will be reality TV that is part espionage, part travel show, part undercover expose, reality drama. 

Spinoff of Card Counter Reality TV show:  A spin off will be a Reality Game type show that will pit card counters from the regular series against each other in Tournament situations with competitions and eliminations like "The Apprentice", "Ink Master", "Survivor", and other challenge type reality competition game shows. 

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