The Beginning Of The Continent Splitting

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The beginning of the Continent Splitting

(Part 1)

A large land mass above sea is a continent. It has been agreed, with many disputes, that there are seven continents in the earth today. They are Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica and Australia. But till during the Cretaceous period, in the geological history, it had been one single complete body of land mass. It had its mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and other landscapes like it has today in the continents.  

 In Cretaceous at the end of Mesozoic era about 65 million years ago  many drastic changes occurred. The one body continent began to split and fractions began to drift away from one another. Together with it the dinosaurs went extinct. The reason is the greatest change that came. The earth began to rotate and have an axis of its own. This complicated incident brought day and night, four as well as two seasons, made the evolution to take a new course and besides many other changes, made the split fractions of the continent to have drifting according to the laws of physics.

A continent in contrast to ocean beds have two main layers in the upper part of the crust. They are called SIAL and SIMA. The ocean bed has the heavier basaltic layer called SIMA. (The abbreviations SIMA and SIAL are nothing but a layer rich with silicium-magnesium SIMA, and the other, the lighter, silicium-aluminium SIAL).  

The reason why the continent had been one continuous body  with its multiple morphology till cretaceous period is, it showed one face to the sun. It did not rotate having a axis of its own, like it does today, as it orbited the sun. The earth has been behaving just like the moon behaving towards the earth today. Namely, the moon shows one face to the earth as it orbits the earth. The earth had one single rotation per year, The cause is the center of gravity. It had not been in the center of the sphere. But has been one sided as it is the case when planets form.

As the great change came. The earth started to rotate. The crust had to re-adjust itself according to the laws of physics.The centripetal and centrifugal forces cannot be taken away from rotating bodies. As a consequence the lighter layer, the SIAL, began breaking and drifting towards less speed region. 

The equator has the maximum angular velocities while the poles the least. The Sial fractions of the continent, being lighter, had a force component towards the poles as they drifted away   Antarctica reached the southern pole as it had no competitors to hinder. In the northern hemisphere things had been very congested and the continental land masses hindered one another from reaching the northern pole. So the north pole remains to date without a land mass. 
In part 2: The causes of rotation. 

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