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Year Published / Made Public in: 2012
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Song: Glass House   

Written By: Christopher R. Logan 2012

Our Relationship Ain't Nothin' But A Glass House We       Built It Up Now Piece By Piece We Crashing To The                           Ground

First Verse:
Girl our relationship ain't nothin' but a glass house we built it up from the ground and now our life is crashing down we're fighting we're swearing our hearts are torn now we don't even know why we're fightin' for what hurts the most is being so damn close we know each others weak point like a mind control to trigger each others emotions like an evil potion now our hearts are broken are you serious so your leaving me I don't really care now cuz you never really meant nothin' to me like a piece of glass I'ma let it fall let it break let it shatter all over the concrete so she's asking "So you never really loved me" no I didn't it was just a fake so get the hell out of my face I just wanna be left alone here in this place and let our memories shatter all over my face.

Hook: 4x
Our Relationship Ain't Nothin' But A Glass House We       Built It Up Now Piece By Piece We Crashing To The                           Ground

Second Verse:
Now as I walk through this house alone our memories are shown in the glass with our life that'll seen be gone as days go by we try to hide the pain with a fake smile we put on our face cuz our relationship is based on love and hate one minute we're ok then we're in each others face like the clock stop tickin' and a bomb went off then relationship starts fallin' apart.

Hook: 4x
Our Relationship Ain't Nothin' But A Glass House We       Built It Up Now Piece By Piece We Crashing To The                           Ground

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Music - Clogan Glass House
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