Poetic Prescription

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"Poetic Prescription"
This isn't an over-the-counter drug
Or a medicated hug
This is my drug
And I can't get enough
I'll give you a taste of my poetic prescription
It's not harmful, check out its description
It's mystical so finding its meaning may take some encryption
Be careful, don't develop an addiction
Everything you hear is all nonfiction
Your mind may change
Depict this depiction
My words enter your brain's ears and find their way down to your core
You turn into a poetry feign and scream give me more, give me more
But I can't
You gotta give me something to settle the score
Fascinate me, open up my imagination's door
I am your pusher and I deal figurative language
Inject yourself with metaphors
Don't overdose similes will leak through your pores
If I cease or stop my junkies will be torn
This drug is a flower, but every rose has its thorn
Symptoms of withdrawal will arise
And the little voice in your head will maximize
The effects of my words will be emphasized
And your patience for poetry will deteriorate or in this
case "deteriorize".

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