We're All Mad Here

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There once was a rabbit who wished he was dead 
He fell down a hole 
And lost his head 
When he awoke, 
Frightened was thee
As he felt the tightening of a waist coat 
And what did he see?
In the darkness in the middle of the night 
He saw some sort of strange light 
A Cheshire moon came flashing by 
And then was gone in the blink of an eye 
The rabbit looked at his watch and cried out 
“I’m late! I’m late!” as he began to run and shout 
The light came tumbling down from a tree 
And all of a sudden, he had heard 
“Lost, are thee?’ 
The rabbit yelled “Why, I have gone completely mad!” 
And the smile had said,
“Well, aren’t you glad?
Splendid times are these, 
Because here, we are all mad..” 
As many odd creatures appeared in the trees. 
Without any warning,
An odd character came running down the tree 
Yelling “good morning, good morning!
You must have some tea!?” 
The rabbit was furious yelling “no no, there is no time for thee! Not enough time for some tea!” 
The character was oh so mad, and quite curious to see 
Why the rabbit was in such a hurry to get away from he 
The character threw his hat to the sky 
Yelling “clean cup! Clean cup! It is time!” 
Out of nowhere appeared a mallet 
And the mad character took the poor rabbit’s watch 
And smashed it, 
Then he had said “here, you can have it.” 
The rabbit said sadly 
“Oh d-d-d-dear.. Now I’ll never make it on time..”
And the sir yelled madly 
“TWO DAYS SLOW! It was two days slow.” 

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