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Date: 07-05-2013 18:24

EleganceInvintage was formed in my younger years mainly when I came out of elementary school I have always drew my designs out even before middle school but as I have grown to love vintage clothing, Victorian style, world history books captivated by the images of the women\'s garments, I grew more and more hungry to start to recreate a vintage of my own ! My mom always took me to ... read full works ››

Egene Logo

Date: 02-05-2013 15:01

Logo of e-Gene, scientific activity, Kornelia Polok

Teambarun Official Logo

Date: 02-05-2013 10:41

Teambarun Official Logo

Gerominio Splash

Date: 01-05-2013 16:46

Update of Gerominio Logo Design with splash graphic in background for T-Shirt Prints for Spring 2013.

Dudbe Splash

Date: 30-04-2013 19:49

New update for the original design of Dudbe Logo with a graphic splash in the background.

Orquesta Bonkó Logo

Date: 30-04-2013 05:56

This logo represents my Salsa Musical Band, Orquesta Bonkó. It was designed by me Maynor Vargas, no one else.

Dont Mess With Cali

Date: 26-04-2013 20:05

Worked on text and graphics.

Purple 9X Bamboo Salt

Date: 25-04-2013 21:22

Ultimate Purple 9X Bamboo Salt label with a a light purple background and darker purple bamboo shoots on the outside container. for the inside container light purple bamboo shoots are shown with a circle describing the product. 



Safflower Seed Powder

Date: 23-04-2013 22:25

Safflower seed powder label with a tan background. A picture of a safflower seed plant can be seen. A circle with a picture of the creator of Insan and a description of the product. 

Multi 1x Bamboo Salt

Date: 23-04-2013 22:13

Multi 3X Bamboo Salt label with a green background and bamboo shoots that can be seen. A square at the top of the label with a picture of Insan, the creator of bamboo salt, a circle and the bottom of the label with a description of the product. 

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