Design Registered Works

Nulife 3x Bamboo Salt

Date: 23-04-2013 22:07

Nulife 3X Bamboo Salt. Orange background with a bamboo shoots visible. A square at the top of the label with a picture of the original inventor of bamboo salt. A circle with a product description inside. 

My Bamboo Salt Classic 9x

Date: 23-04-2013 21:54

Classic 9X Bamboo Salt: Light green background with bamboo shoots visible, a circle with a description of the product. 

Ammar Alsumary

Date: 14-04-2013 09:26

Ammar Alsumary logo and image

Billionaregang Logo

Date: 09-04-2013 20:13

Billionaregang Apparel logo and name is sole property of Damen wood and Wood Group One LLC.

Iagd-photographer Logo

Date: 09-04-2013 07:43

Association of Graphic Designers Photographer Logo


Date: 07-04-2013 18:33

Iraqi Association of Graphic Designers logo


Logo For My Pictures Copyright

Date: 04-04-2013 18:07

My Picture copyright logo

Giselle F1

Date: 04-04-2013 07:07

Concept Futuristic Vehicle. Concepturalized in 05/15/2010 (included sketches). Continue adaptation with 3d model.


Date: 01-04-2013 02:03


Star Digitech and Logo for Star Digitech

Z Autoworks Logo

Date: 30-03-2013 18:02

A Logo for some original automotive design. Original lineart in Illustrator vector.

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