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Snake Card

Date: 20-06-2012 03:35



design of the pop up card. size when folded 20 per 12,5 cm.

Induced Euphoria Letters Logo

Date: 13-06-2012 21:22

The words \"Induced Euphoria\" with the letter \"I\" and the letter \"E\" are longer in the shape of a blade above the other letters.

'g' Logo

Date: 08-06-2012 12:45

\'g\' logo with dark blue background [rgb(48, 72, 122)] and white text \'g\' written in font \'Georgia\'. Background color and text color may vary.

Logo Design

Date: 08-06-2012 12:39

Gaghour logo with dark blue background [rgb(48, 72, 122)] and white text written in font \'Bookman old style\'. Exclamation mark with font \'Georgia\' at the end. Background color,text and exclamation mark color may vary.

S.k.productionz LLC

Date: 02-06-2012 22:27

this is the main logo to s.k.productionz a video production team out in edwardsvill pa. 18704 and the owner name is victor reyes

skproductionz logo

Date: 02-06-2012 22:25

this was created for s.k.productionz as there second logo to use

Induced Euphoria Rock Band Logo

Date: 01-06-2012 17:03

Logo with a white skull with red outline, inside a red outlined frame with two guitars each one coming out of each eye socket and with a 75 point red star behind the triangular frame. The letters "Induced Euphoria" are in the forehead of the skull.

Car Rearview Mirror Hanger

Date: 30-05-2012 20:56

A design intended solely for the purpose of displaying a club name or other personalised message in beads that hangs on a rearview mirror with the aid of a loop of thread and a lobster clip


Date: 30-05-2012 20:51

A looped design of worry beads intended for use by children with anxiety, special needs, sensory needs that includes a themed main bead with a number of pony beads in a loop around attached to a lobster clip

Logo Trademark

Date: 30-05-2012 02:34

user guide regarding useage

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