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Date: 12-01-2016 19:20



Date: 12-01-2016 13:41

Pablo Santiago


Music Latin 

By name Ritmo tropical 

Live music 



Date: 11-01-2016 17:02


written by Julius Young Jr. Kevin Bradley and Hasani Viavia Performed by J. Young Kevin Bradley and Rollin Rich Produced and Engineered By Kevin Bradley


J Young, KB, & the lil homie Rollin Rich

Verse One

The new west side connection cross no inter ... read full works ››

Banda S13

Date: 11-01-2016 11:45


No canal do youtube descrito abaixo, todas as letras musicas são de minha autoria.

Eu sou compositor, violonista da Banda S13.




Déja Vu

Date: 10-01-2016 15:29

Lost And Lonely

Date: 10-01-2016 10:02

verse 1 im lost and lonely with no one to hold ive been shattered and broken along lifes hard road and i know one day if i keep pushing on that the good lord will bring me someone to love and to hold ..

verse 2 and until that day ill just keep being me a good ole hearted country boy with a heart of pure gold because i know she is out there searching like me to find ... read full works ››

Don't Stand Between

Date: 09-01-2016 12:37

Getting used to you’s not easy
Even if You try
But when you standing right there in front of us
It Hard for us not to lie

Please dont stand between us
Im telling you really calm
Dont mean for it to get hectic
But you dont want to lose an arm

Dont mean for it to get teri-torial
But please do not intefere
You’re ... read full works ››

Avuhkigh I Give It To You Live

Date: 09-01-2016 00:23

ok bitch my nigga had 2 duck from the shot
it cought em like ah
yall niggaz is never muah m.f
no sympathy on muah lil busta
send you 2 the doc
n i aint talking bout oc
mary jane i got on me like wha
fuckboy symdrome u got
that means u gotta leave the shells in him
i aint talking bout the bell wit the taco sign
u gon get droped ... read full works ››

Avuhkigh I Gimmie Mines

Date: 09-01-2016 00:16

so real like
u get get killed like
you a lil dike
fuckboy fuckgirl im 4 real like
im 4real like
peddle like a bike
i have u bitches peddle on a bike
i be on the road
fucking hoe
on a show
u know how i go
like boat u know how i roll o
fuckboy let his pussy get taken
cuz im 2 real i leave his heart vancant m.f
... read full works ››


Date: 08-01-2016 21:13

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