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Date: 02-02-2016 00:59

We gotta unite if we ever gone change / all the hatin and the Killin man we gotta break the chains / we gotta unite if we ever gone grow racism dope dealing man we gotta let it go / we gotta unite if we ever gone see / we was made in his image not because of you and me / we gotta unite yeah homie Jesus is the way / don't believe what they selling homie dont be lead astray
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More Than A Conqueror

Date: 01-02-2016 23:28

We more than a conquer shout out to the opposition / we more than a conquer never new no competition / we more than a conquer yeah you know he run the town / we than a conquer you know we hold it down
I feel like David the moment he slew the pelistine / and like Joshua camp when they yelled the battle cry / I look up to the sky but never wonder why / his spirit given me p ... read full works ››


Date: 01-02-2016 22:48

These people be looking at looking at me they know that I'm grateful / these people be looking at looking at you they know that you grateful / these people be looking at looking at us they know that we grateful / they know that we grateful they know that we grateful
I won't never stop wit my game this people be thinking I'm strange / but what I be doing is looking to him ... read full works ››

Md Sledge

Date: 29-01-2016 17:17

All of my hip-hop/rap beats are on https://www.audiotool.com/user/mackaflacka1 




Date: 29-01-2016 05:58

November Rain

Date: 28-01-2016 17:01

My Cover Of November Rain

The Rebel Jdb3 - November Rain

Date: 28-01-2016 16:53

Song Cover Of November Rain

In Tha Life Of Ethan & Hugo

Date: 28-01-2016 10:11

In tha Life of Ethan & Hugo Aka Eternal Happiness Aka E.H. Aka Etc. Hello? Story being told of adventures that have taken place with these individuals Growing up in difficult situations in & outta the streets. With such stories as AU aka Anwers & Understanding -also featuring Pistols & Pianos -with the smash hit pimpin been since pimpin

Down To My Last

Date: 28-01-2016 02:14

Artist Name: Yung Reaper

Date: 27-01-2016 18:45

This is my artist name, and i have did numerous searches for any other rappers or artist who called themselves Yung Reaper

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