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Date: 27-01-2016 18:40


One day man all my niggas gon be on know what im saying we been plotting we been observing we been watching we understand how to make it to greatness

(Hook) x2

One day ima see my face on tv 

its gonna be 100,00 just to see me

have da badest bitch 

and she wouldnt wanna leave me

know we getting the green ... read full works ››

Hanuman Chalisa

Date: 27-01-2016 17:04

Cotton Fields Of Home

Date: 25-01-2016 04:54

Cotton fields of home:¬† Born 'n raised in north carolin' In a house behind the pines¬† Where i learned about Jesus And played ol' Bocephus And every night id look at the stars Ans hear the hum of a passin' car Then look at the cotton fields of home It was my stompin' ground And on the four-wheeler ride aroud The yard all day long And what inspired me to write this ... read full works ››

Let The World Fade Away

Date: 25-01-2016 02:30

Let the world fade away: Sometimes i wish i could hold you close Get a bit of an overdose Have you in my i arms i miss those days Wish i could go back and let the world fade away Let the world fade away, right before our eyes Feel nothin more than the air, like a southern night All i want to say Is let the world fade away Wish i could feel that kiss on your lips L ... read full works ››


Date: 23-01-2016 13:34

This is a concious rap song about what is going on in the world today.

Vai Mamando Sem Medo

Date: 22-01-2016 19:47

Vai Mamando Sem Medo

Novinha quer experiência


Eu vou te contar um segredo

Pega o Garoto e Vai mamando sem medo


Sobe ... read full works ››

Merry Days

Date: 21-01-2016 01:05

My merry days are coming

now that the day si dawning

my faded smiles are glorious

i am feeling so victorious

my tears turn into diamonds

i feel like a singer in a famous band

but you will never understand

cause you have never missed someone


ooh oh oh oh

I feel alive

well i am live  ... read full works ››

Hotel Nightmare

Date: 20-01-2016 17:53

Hotel Nightmare, Denners And Marshall

I met this girl…. she treat me well
but then she met a guy at a hotel
he owns a car money too
and she then she left me well.. because she likes you
well I’m okay I’m okay
I’m okay I’m okay
i make things work everyday
I’m okay, I’m okay

she tried t ... read full works ››


Date: 18-01-2016 03:44

mossburg-inittowinit videos@youtube. calledup,21tipout,inittowinit,onthelow,inittowinit acapella,and full album plus future uploads.


Date: 17-01-2016 18:44

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